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Model Kits

HI All,

My name is Selvakumar and you can address me Selva in short. I have been following many model kits around the world and am very excited to enter into this venture. I currently live in India, a city called Pune which is 150 KM away from Mumbai which is India's financial capital. Fortunately or Unfortunately we don't have hobby shops which is into miniature models. Lot of people are not aware of these stuffs or don't have a chance to create their passion on assembling model aircrafts.
Its been a dream of mine to come up with a miniature shop to create awareness and try to educate people in india about assembling different kinds of model kits. I have been following different manufacturer's models and they are really great in detail. Unfortunately there is no supplier or a distributor in India where i can get these supplies and this is the main reason to write to you guys.
I hope you will understand my plan in a true spirit and help me to guide and suggest further.

Please find my plan of action and help required.

  1. I don't intend to open a shop at the first place to avoid any capital expenditure which will lead me to loss IF the venture not gonna kick off.
  2. I intend to promote through media and visit people who are really passionate and market the models i bring in India.
  3. Through network, i would be setting up a one day open shop in multiple residential societies to shows case the models and create awareness.
  4. Once i have enough products supplied, would open up a lounge where people can come and spend time to assemble models, chat with other enthusiasts.

In order to execute my plan, i am writing such emails to many of the other model kit manufacturers as well to get an input and their acceptance to supply model kits.

Pricing: In India cost of a product plays a vital role. I can't keep each piece on a higher price which will loose the interest of the people who would like to buy. Indeed, i need to start with lower pricing and develop the interest. Fortunately there are no shops in India as well in Pune, where i live hence its a great opportunity to accelerate.

Geographically, Pune is one of the top IT (Information Technology) city with lot many young IT professionals work here. More over we have a Sukhoi 30 regiment stationed here and it is an treat to watch every day morning those Su30's roaring up in the sky.

Help and Suggestion
For the beginning am looking for a very limited supply of basic models which could cost lesser. Since its my venture, if you can help me with good discounts or compliments will be highly appreciated as well.
This is my initial email am writing to many of the other model kit manufacturers/dealers/distributors.
+91 9767704800

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  1. Selva, you are a brave man in trying to rise a building with very thin foundations such as the model shop business is.

    There is not much a fellow modeller can do to help such endeavour, but reading your insights and business plan tree, the social media really should be the main channel not only for the necessary awareness but also for selling. However, those open day shop are a good idea, because potential new modelers/customers do need to see, touch and bend the plastic, it’s really imperative if you ask me. Also, the physical box really is a solid driver for purchasing, this business has a fair amount of emotional purchase, rather than logicalas you know. Try junior clubs, RC clubs, city hall events, Air Force base open day and other locations/events that make sense in your local social environment, to do that open day event. Get kids doing cheap 1/72 while it samples if you like. You just need to get a a brand that supplies you within reasonable price and stock...thin ice. I wish you the best of luck Selvakumar

    • sk said on March 30, 2018

      Dear Pedro,
      Truly appreciate your time spent reading my post and replying with your heart out. This gives me a lot of confidence and moral support around the world. Indeed, i take your valuable advise and plan things accordingly.
      The responses are overwhelming and am happy to find imodeler site given me an gateway to explore and create a good network. Your advise in the future will be really helpful.
      Thanks a lot Pedro.

  2. I wish you well in your new venture,'s a tough market out there for sure.

    • sk said on March 30, 2018

      Thank you sir for your wishes. Indeed, i have given a lot of thought about it and planning properly so that i will be able to manage and over come any set backs in my Journey. Thanks for your blessings once again.

  3. Best wishes to you, Selva! I wish I could help.

    • sk said on March 30, 2018

      Dear Jeff,

      Thanks a lot for your wishes. You can help my by just being my friend :). Indeed, would seek your advice and suggestions as i sail on this.

      • Selva, I'm happy to "friend" you, if I can use the noun friend as a verb. LoL! We all wish you well in this. There aren't enough quality model outlets. The small shops that used to be in many small towns in America are mostly gone now, replaced by huge internet outlets. Yes, they have decent prices and often GREAT selection, but there's no longer any personal attention like some years ago.

        Good Luck and Best Wishes, my friend!

        • sk said on April 2, 2018

          Thanks a lot Jeff, i understand your message and much appreciated to enlighten me. Indeed, being optimistic with no market in India, i think can pull off to an extent. Have been looking at Airfix, Revell, Flory, Academy models and they are detailed ones and a perfect miniature replicas. Hoping to start with Chinese market where i can meet the price range for Indian market. mmmmm still its a scratch level am trying to gather information which will give me a insight.

          i gain much knowledge through the suggestions and comments you all are leaving for my post and much appreciated once again for that.
          thanks my Friend!

  4. Hi Selva. It sounds like a great venture for you! If you ever have any specific questions about kit building, kits, supplies I would be glad to help out. I have been building since I was 10 and I am now 54. I build mostly for other people these days and it is how I make some extra income but not a lot. One thing I would do is invest a good amount in creating a really nice web site to attract builders, as well as, distributors. You can post a builders Gallery, have blogs, contests, and network. If you can attract a lot of followers you can then attract model kit companies, and related businesses to advertise on your site. Make it an interactive "portal" for model makers. This extra income from advertisers would supplement the resources you need to get started. I would also venture into the education sector with local schools. Try to establish model clubs for youth in local schools, after-school activity. Just some ideas. Please feel free to ask any questions of me. Good Luck! Paul

    • sk said on March 30, 2018

      Dear Sir, first of all a massive thanks to you for taking out time to reply to me. It means a lot, no matter where ever you are. When like minded people join together, we can overcome any tough situations. Your messages gives me a lot of support and many ideas to come up with.

      I completely agree with you, as you been building more than 4 decades and respect your suggestions. At this point, i won’t be able to come up with a website and share pages for sponsors which can give me extra income. At this moment, am looking for suppliers who can agree and supply some model kits.

      I will surely reach out to you for any suggestions Sir!

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