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1/32 Zoukei-Mura Ho 229

April 23, 2018 · in Aviation · · 9 Comments

Glacially slow progress on this beast. I wasn't sure how to portray the "beavertail" section so I made it a metal/wood combo because the molding is a bit ambiguous and I really couldn't fined any references. I attached the bottom "wood" panels. I scored them to match the panel lines on the outside of the part. I'm starting to get the hang of simulating weathered metal.

3 additional images. Click to enlarge.

9 responses

  1. George, if you button this thing up I'll personally hunt you down and do something nasty. I don't know what your plans are for displaying this, but you have to find a way of showing her off. Anything less is putting a beauty in a sack cloth...

    Oh. I guess that could work..

    • Well David you had me in stitches and you redefined the meaning of sack time. Some how I don't think that the Ho 229 is very stealthy a little wooden in places but , a good model none the less.

      Nice kit George. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I totally agree with David's assessment - you either have to 1) leave everything 'open' or 2) build it in a way to have the appropriate panel removable.
    In those infamous words "...failure [to do so] is not an option...".

  3. Okay, okay... your comments are duly noted. Actually, I've been struggling with this issue and I've come up with two solutions. Well, maybe three. None of which will disappoint.

  4. Great to hear it, George. What did you use for the yellow electrical wiring?

  5. Marylin not included...

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