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Moson Model Show 2018 – Armor & diorama, first look

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The annual is a traditional gathering place for modellers from all over Europe. Wit the show just starting in the background, here's a "teaser" selection of contest entries from the armor tables. Enjoy!

46 additional images. Click to enlarge.

6 responses

  1. Great photography. Thank you.

  2. Oh boy, that Avenger is just incredible. I just spent 10 minutes just looking at it, finding lots of little detail and 'story' - gorgeous piece of work.

    • There's one little eensy-teensy-weensy thing "off," but I am likely the only person who would notice, because I just wrote a book on the period and the unit portrayed. That's a VT-4 (Air Group 4 aboard Essex) TBM-3, which would have to be crashed on Okinawa (since the military figures are Marines), and for being overall GSB (Avengers in that paint didn't get to the Pacific until then). Only problem is that CVG-4 went home the month before the Okinawa invasion. Put it in CVG-83 (the "white diamond flashes") and it's totally dead-on. None of what I just wrote here is any sort of a criticism or complaint of the model. I point it out to demonstrate that when you're doing a serious diorama, there is no such thing as "too much research." It's very realistic and does indeed tell a story, like a great diorama should.

      As Craig says, the work and thought put into these dioramas is stunning. Every one of them "tells a story." My particular favorite is the Ni Sagu Nazad (Not One Step Back!) Eastern Front moment. Those guys all look bone-weary and yet determined.

  3. David said what I was thinking...the work and thought put into these displays is amazing.

  4. Wow! That's all I can say! The models are great, as is the photography. The Avenger dio almost commands you stop and search for details - I was mesmerized by the whole thing and like David l-s, I spent a lot of time studying the photo.


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