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Moson Model Show 2018: The Girl with the Pearl Earring

April 22, 2018 · in Figures · · 18 · 3.3K

Images created during 2018 at the iModeler booth.

360-view (experimental): drag picture left or right to rotate.
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  1. Wow, did Vermeer himself visit the imodeler booth? If so, give the chap a free T shirt, I'll pay for it! Splendid paintwork! Can you shed some more light on this, i.e. is this a self-sculpted buste? Thanks for posting!

  2. A most impressive first post, sir...and welcome to the iModeler "family".

    • Thank you Craig.Its thanks to the Imodeler staff who were present at the Mosonshow in Hungary this weekend where the girl was on display that I got to show my work.

  3. Now the 64 four dollar question, is that a real "Pearl"? Did she wear two and not one? Vermeer will be mumm on this one.

    • I could not find reference showing her wearing two so she only got one?

      • Harold,

        Some strong work in painting that bust. Painting a figure that looks so pale (a sign of wealth and not having to work the fields for the wealthy) is hard to do. Lots of subtle shading and under tones . Vermeer also, applied a lot of light and shadow in the back round to help create a little more drama and focus on the subject. Doing the woman in 3-D with out making her look like a character requires a deft eye and some skill. Did you use oil paints?

        Two thumbs ...this is a good candidate for model of the month. Figures and busts are under represented . Not always the crowd pleasure since this subject didn't bomb or shoot anything. Nothing blows up. But, what a pearl of an idea...recognizing techniques in figure painting.

        • Thanks Stephen ,it’s all painted in achrilics but using the same palette as Vermeer, or what according to the research I done he used .I am adding a picture with a black background comparing to the real one ,it looks better this way

          1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  4. Vermeer would be proud of you, Harold. That's very nice work.

  5. Harold, today I have also added a 360-view of this figure. I'm still in awe of the clever beauty of this piece, and hopefully this will provide an even better view of your achievement. I hope you'll enjoy this

    • Thank you so much for this ,You have really made my day.Its so beautiful to what this figure with 360-view due to the directional light technique I used to better portray the painting in 3 D

  6. Amazing job. Wonderful colors...

  7. Wow! Beautiful work, Harold. Outstanding painting of the work as well as the "painting." That is truly exceptional work.

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