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Not Just Your Dad's Wagon: 1/25 1957 Ford Del-Rio Wagon

April 2, 2018 · in Automotive · · 11 · 1.9K

I am 54 year old man who loves classic cars but as I write this keep in mind I am far from an expert. What I do know is that my Dad had a 57 and he would talk a lot about it usually discussing it's highlights, and how much he liked it. He would often be heard saying "They dont make them like that anymore!". I am to young to remember it personally but I do recall his recollections very well. So when I saw this model at the local Hobby Lobby I needed to build it. One of my favorite auto subjects is classic Detroit muscle and I especially enjoy those cars that I called "sleepers". That is those cars that would look at home being driven by a housewife to church and the grocery store but could also put up some respectable times at the local strip, or some back farm road.

So every-time I build one of these classics, like this 57 Ford, I need to add a few extras but not to much as to give up whats under the hood. I dont like to add a fancy hot-rod paint job, or racing stripes that give away the secret. This 57 Ford Wagon is a perfect example to illustrate this trend. Upon quick inspection from the outside it looks like your Dad's old wagon but it really isn't. When you look at it more closely you will notice that the motor is beefed up, the stock steel rims are wearing some high-performance, wider sport tires, and the suspension is a bit beefed up. Yea, its my version of a . Not much else to say. Hope you enjoy the photos.

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  1. A real stunning model Paul !

  2. Nice work...don't see many (if any) of '57 Ford wagon kits (at least I haven't).

  3. Very nostalgic rendition of this classic type.

  4. Very cool. And I agree with Craig, you don't see many 57 station wagon. Much less the Del Rio.

  5. Memories of what America once was.

  6. Boy, this sure brings back great memories! I love these "sleepers!" Dad was a Chevy man, but I always thought this year of Ford and this style was very good looking. Plus the hood opening from the rear-to-forward is very cool. Well done, Paul!

  7. hello paul,
    Interesting story and a nice "beefed up"model.
    Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands.

  8. It looks very "heavy", beautiful finish and excellent detailing.

  9. Very nice Paul. Those old cars certainly do bring back some fond memories.

  10. Gorgeous model, great colour combination.
    Been eyeing this and the two-door hardtop kit at my local (only) toy shop. Kits here in NZ are stupidly expensive so will wait until our trip to Florida next week and will go spend a l-o-n-g afternoon in Hobby Lobby or somewhere similar !

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