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I can’t resist

I decided to add the wash to the metallic engine covers and heat shields sooner than I thought. The top cover will not be attached to the model. Half will be plywood, half paint. The underside will be all natural metal and plywood. I still have to mask off the metal areas and lay down the primer and wood base. There are a lot steps involved! This piece alone has taken me almost 8 hours so far, and by the time I finish the model, I will have spent over 300 hours on it.

14 responses to I can’t resist

  1. Sure but the 300 hours surely tell! What a beauty!

  2. The 300+ hours have ALREADY shone through…this will (or should) be the Model of the Month in May).

  3. Excellent work! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ™‚
    Sorry to ask, but exactly which UvdR set did you use for the wood grain decals?

  4. Beautiful, George. Be careful though, it’s a short journey from “I can’t resist” to a 28 day stay in the Bug House…

  5. Labor of love I am sure! It really is a masterpiece and an award winner for sure.

  6. I may be wrong, but I’m fairly certain since 2016 all state facilties for the mentally unstable are required by law to have their own ‘Zoukei Mura’ ward.

  7. That is some piece of work. I believe Paul said it well. David LS may be right. I can add a couple of other companies whose products might induce an involuntary stay for “regrooving”, as they used to say. Hey. I’m trying to be nonjudgemental, and it’s a struggle! Tom Lehrer once called such facilities “the Home for the Bewildered”.

  8. Can’t recall who it is, but one of the firms who sell subscriptions to online builds/reviews (often seen at Telford at at least one regional show), have a group of set models they display to promote the process and this is one. Yours is certainly on a par with the professional standard.

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