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First aeroplane in Marrabel

In 1919 the first aeroplane landed somewhere in a paddock near the little town of Marrabel, South Australia. Found the photo today as I was sorting material at the local historical centre in Riverton. I get a distinct feeling of Sopwith…does anyone know for sure what make this contraption is? For some reason I assume it is a two seater as a single seater would have less appeal for transport or joy rides. Think I have read about this flight somewhere… Love the crowd, all in awe of the high technological machine that just landed in their town.

8 responses to First aeroplane in Marrabel

  1. Not an expert, but this looks a bit like the Sopwith 11/2 Strutter which was produced in both 1 and 2 seat versions and was the first RFC a/c to be fitted with a synchronised Vickers MG firing through the prop arc. It was used in various roles – escort/bomber/recce etc. Looks unlikelt to be a Pup or a Camel.

  2. It wasn’t “…on this day…”, was it? 🙂

  3. What ever it is, It sure pleased the crowd.

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