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1/650 AMT USS Enterprise 50th Anniversary model

November 13, 2018 · in Sci-fi · · 8 · 3.3K

For the most part, I'm almost done with this kit, but I wanted to go ahead and photograph it. I still have yet to paint some details on it such as the end of the warp nacelles and so forth, so it's about 98% complete.

Definitely an old kit and it had some serious fit issues. I really hate sanding, and I had to do a ton of it on this model. I just built it straight out of the box and after priming it in a light grey, I airbrushed Imperial JN Grey - TAMXF12 over it. I also coated it with Tamiya pearl gloss before applying decals.

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  1. You've made this ancient kit shine. A lot of work taking off the upper hull grid.

  2. These photos are beafutiful, congratulations, and the model definitely is a quality work.

    • Thank you! I've got a big 1/350 Enterprise Refit I'm working on. It's ver. 1 of the old Polar Lights kit so it's almost 10 years old now and I have Trek Modeler's lighting kit in it. I need to finish it as I've been moving around quite a bit and it's been unfinished for years.

  3. Anyone who builds an original Enterprise (well, excepting the CV-6) is a good man. Great build, Dale. There’s a nice battlesarred ‘four and a half years into a five year mission’ feel about her.


    • Thanks! yeah, I actually messed up on there, and then weathered it to look like there's a patch. So, you said it just right! think of it as a battle scar, heaven knows the TOS ship went through a lot in her lifetime! It would be hard to say she was always pristine even in space!

  4. Ah, on the one I’m building...

    ...I’ve had to take several ‘evasive actions’ with a razor saw because of led screw ups. Lessons from the Kobayashi Maru manoever - if you can’t win, change the game.

  5. Dale,
    Man, that looks really good! The weathering is just right to me. Also great job painting the bussard intake collector (hope i have that right...)
    How do you like the Tamiya pearl gloss effect?

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