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Paul Fisher isn’t the only one in danger (GOOD NEWS UPDATE)

"Fueled by winds, the wildfire jumped ridges from Pulga to Concow and down into Paradise, a town of 26,000 people about 85 miles north of Sacramento. Residents awoke to the stench of smoke and the morning horizon drenched in an ashen-orange that was difficult to see or drive through, hindering evacuations."

Some potentially devastating news to report. The town of Paradise, California, according to several news reports, is essentially gone. Up in flames from a fast moving wildfire. Paul Fisher of Fisher Model & Pattern lives in Paradise. No one has heard from him in several days. Please say a prayer or whatever you feel is appropriate for Paul and Suzy and everyone in Paradise. I have my fingers crossed that Paul and his family and home are safe, but it doesn’t sound promising.

I just called his home number and got an immediate voice mail recording, which means they aren't there. Paul lives on a ranch outside of Paradise, and his barn is his workshop, where - as you can imagine - all his work is set up. Moving all that would be difficult, and I know moving it would take a way back second place to getting all their animals to safety first.

God, I just can't stand the thought of 40 years of work going up in fire.

Latest update: 10:30pm November 8: the entire town and its environs are gone.

UPDATE0749 - November 9: :News is that Paul, Suzy and the dogs all got out, nothing else right now. I hope this is accurate, I don’t know the source.

Further update: at 0800 I tried calling the shop number. No ring, just immediate electronics shrieks. The phone line has been destroyed, likely means the ranch and the shop are gone.

On a personal note, ten miles west of me here in Los Angeles, a fire has forced the evacuation of Thousand Oaks and surrounding communities. Thousand Oaks is where the mass shooting happened on Wednesday night. I can think of a few words to use, but Nanny would censor them. Fortunately for us, the winds are from the northeast to the southwest, so we are upwind of this.

Further update on fire in Paradise CA:

UPDATE 10pm, Nov 9 - Los Angeles: the fires are right now 8 miles west of Le Chateau du Chat, and now I'm not sure we're as upwind as we were. My friend across the street has his best friend's family as evacuees in their living room now, having had to evacuate their home at 3am this morning - they saw it on fire on the TV news this evening.

Update/Update - being in the business I'm in, I have friends in Malibu. Everyone there has been ordered to evacuate. Three friends have already lost their homes (and they're not rich/famous people, they're "old Malibu" living up in the canyons).

UPDATE SATURDAY MORNING: Good news all around. I heard directly from Paul. He and Suzy and the dogs got out and are staying with friends. He's pretty sure everything's gone at the ranch. Here in Los Angeles, last night I saw the trees across the street silhouetted against a dim glow, the fires were about 7 miles away, got pretty worried. Then an hour later the winds died down, and now there is "onshore flow" bringing humid air back in for about 36 hours. Fires died down before I went to bed, there's a day and a half now to get control.

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  1. Hi Tom, this is very disturbing news, I have just received my shipment of kits from Paul, and had a nice chat to him via E mail last week, I hope everything is well with him and his Family. Please keep us informed regarding his well being.

  2. The ever lasting escalation of Forest Fires a bit throughout the globe is to me the worst alarm bell of climate changes. The loss of human and animal lifes, millions of trees and personal properties and belongings keeps rising every year, wich means authorities everywhere have been appallingly incapable to prevent and deal efficiently with this catastrophe. My prayers goes to Paul and all that are directly and indirectly affected by this fire.

  3. prayers for Paul...the family...and most of all the poor animals...bless em all and you

  4. This is sad news indeed. I will keep them and the community of Paradise in my prayers. Have bought kits from Paul myself and know what passion he puts into the model kits that he creates.
    Keep us posted Tom.

  5. Thank you, Tom, for reminding us about just how serious the fire danger is here in California...we just went through this horror just a few weeks ago, and now it's back with a vengeance.

    I pray that Paul Fisher and his friends and neighbors in Paradise CA are OK. I will say some prayers for them.

    What we need is for God to bless us all with some wet weather. It hasn't really rained here in CA for so long; everything is so dry, especially the trees.

    Until we get some rain, let's pray for our neighbors like Paul Fisher.

  6. News is that Paul, Suzy and the dogs all got out, nothing else right now. I hope this is accurate, I don't know the source.

  7. My prayers are joined with all the others!

  8. Watching some of the video here in the UK - looks just hellish. After the previous fires and the horrific shootings, the state really needs a break.

  9. Fires in Ca, Hurricanes in FL., Shootings in Pa. and CA.. Prayers to one and all.

  10. Just seen news coverage here in Aus, awful, thoughts with you, your friends and neighbours, Tom.

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