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Top Secret for 50yrs. Royce Williams Korean War story for Panther fans..

December 25, 2018 · in Aviation · · 8 · 2.5K

A follow up interview to TC's story... of Williams accomplishments in the as a Navy Pilot in his taking on 7 Migs and downing 4 of them.

Its neat to read about William's story when it broke out and then the frosting on the cake is to see him interviewed.

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  1. Thanks for posting this...very interesting indeed.

  2. Really, really great. I just happen to be building the Hobby Boss 1/72 F9F-2 Panther at this time. Its a great model.

  3. Knew the story, It's fantastic to see the interview . Here's my version of William's Panther I posted awhile back.

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  4. Not only a great interview but, a testimony to good flying and luck. Williams stated that his aircraft had approx 262 holes in it after engaging the Migs. Considering that Migs were using a 37mm cannon and two 23mm at the time... coming back and landing on a flat top is amazing. Remaining silent for another 50 years is another honorable mention.

  5. Great story that needs to be told, rather than being denied and forgotten. I think I have read about this somewhere before.
    Nevertheless, I'm happy that Royce had the opportunity to tell the story himself.

    • I've written about it in Flight Journal, first place it got brought up. It's also Chapter One in the coming "Holding The Line" (Out March 19, 2019). To this day, the Navy History and Heritage Command refuses to take notice of the truth. Their reason the last time I checked in with them was that they would have to have two American witnesses to make the change. Royce is the only American left alive. The fact the Russians confirmed the four deaths didn't matter. Another on my massive list of Dumb Things The Navy Does.

  6. Of course the Navy wouldn't recognize Williams drink with an Army man... even if he where Dwight Eisenhower. ...find the people at the bar...looks like another act of congress.

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