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Fifty shades of grey-Eduard(Revell) 1/48 Tornado F3 ADV

January 17, 2022 · in Uncategorized · · 14 · 1.8K

Hi all,

My recently completed F3 ADV in scale. This is a rebox of kit by with theirs usual goodies to create an Limited Edition box.
Revell tornado is nothing but a nightmare, it is as bad as the movie mentioned in the title. And just like the movie, it requires shades of grey to break of the monotone grey color.

I've used additional Pe from Eduard for the landing gear d RBF tags. Finished with Mr Color and Mig products.

This is one of those kits that I will never build again even though I love all Tornado variants especially the Gr4. The fit is terrible, the engine and part breakdown are the worst, last but not least the brittle, easy-to-break plastic. There were more than 4 times I want to smash the kit into the wall and do myself a favor but somehow I got through all of that. The result is not what l'm hopping for but I've completed it anyway.

As usual, comments and criticisms are welcome !

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  1. You've certainly turned a nightmare into a dream. Great paint job. Well done all around, Nguyen.

  2. No pain, no gain. Revell kits are priced at the middle or lower end. Which can raise the frustration level. However, it looks like Nguyen, you pulled this one out of the fire and made it into keeper. Some train wrecks can be saved.

    Two thumbs up.

  3. Excellent recovery! You made it look great.

  4. I'm glad you stuck with it - turned out to be a really beautiful model!

  5. Your persistence paid off, Nguyen!
    What a great result!

  6. Great work on a difficult kit!

  7. That is a very fine looking Tornado, Nguyen @viva
    This nightmare had a happy end, the result is superb.

  8. Looks like a triumph of stubbornness, perseverance, talent and skill over plastic to me.

  9. Ah ah! I know what you mean. I lived the same nightmare with the HB A-6A Intruder (not yet finished, maybe never). However it would have been a pity you did not insist, because the result is perfect. Bravo!

  10. It looks excellent to me. Well done !

  11. I’m a “never again Revell” person, too long ago, can’t remember why, but hats off to you for perseverance and skill, you’ve ended up with an excellent model.

  12. Love the mottled finish. Well done!

  13. Your struggles certainly paid off Nguyen @viva! That turned out extremely well sir! ?

  14. @viva there is no way a kit that is so bad could have caused you so much trouble, it is truly a master build - looks incredible.

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