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Just realized I love the random trips to the past at the bottom of articles

January 14, 2019 · in Uncategorized · 8 · 0.7K

I gotta say, I love the new feature that throws up random articles you can check out, down at the bottom of new articles.

I was surprised the past few weeks, getting nice comments on articles submitted back in the early days here (and the not-so early days) and was wondering how thhat happened, when -- Duh! -- I figured out those pop-ups at the bottom of articles.

I pride myself on having been one of the first people to join this site, and for being properly diligent in looking at all articles, and I'm discovering I wasn't as diligent as I was giving myself credit for being. So, if you glance down there and see something that interests you, click on it. There's a good chance it's "new to you" even if it goes back to 2011.

For all the new folks who are showing up every day, those pop-ups are a good window into what's available here at the Internet's best model club.

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  1. Hey Tom. I agree, the "Explore More" is a great feature. Well done to the editors! For someone, like myself, whom is still relatively new to the site it's great to see past projects.

  2. I totally agree with that Tom a great new feature on the site - congratulations to the team!

  3. I agree Tom, this is a fantastic site, with great modelers.

  4. Imodeler is now one of the most convenient and comfortable sites.

  5. All these comments are VERY true. I'm like Tom in always enjoying the link to older topics. When I first joined the iMod group, I attempted to go back and look at EVERY page of the 675 or so at the time. That lasted through about page 485 or thereabouts. My point is that looking back can be helpful, not to mention VERY interesting.

    BIG thanks to the great iModeler staff and their continuing commitment to making a great site better and more interesting! Martin, Johannes, Magnus, Boris - and any I can't recall right this minute; you guys are awesome!

  6. Tom, all,

    Thanks for this valuable feedback. I'm really happy that this feature is being noticed and enjoyed. As a matter of fact we were just wondering how it goes...

    It's even more fun if re-visits to older content result in new likes & comments being added, I believe that authors will enjoy to see that even their older stuff continues to draw attention!

    With 9,000 articles published to date (and most of them of evergreen quality), iModeler is a goldmine of modeling inspiration, so we thought that we should enable the discovery of all the good stuff that's no longer at the front page. Hence the "Explore more" block at the bottom. I find myself using it frequently, too, and it's fun!

    For the same general reason we will be exploring additional ways to cross-link to relevant content to enrich the readers' experience. Suggestions welcome!

    Greetings to all. PS. Jeff, hats off to you for browsing ALL the 675 headline pages. We're impressed! ?

    • One suggestion for consideration: if I pick on a category, aviation, diorama, etc , have the Explore More links be all in regards to that topic. Again...great feature!

      • I have to disagree. What's been interesting me is all the articles from areas of modeling I don't involve myself in directly. Not interested in being limited by my own lack of openness to new things.

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