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Silent film of Albatros production for all of you WnW fans.

January 3, 2019 · in Aviation · · 3 · 1.5K

Youtube has another neat film short done in Germany during the Great War. Showing some very involved manufacture of aircraft...from wood stock selection to final finish.

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  1. Fantastic Stephen - great find!
    The attachment of the wings - showing the whole upperwing - so light - resting only on the cabane struts was quite something!
    Great work.

  2. Stephen, thank you for sharing that. Working in manufacturing/aircraft industry, I find that stuff very interesting. I've always been curious how those people withstood the fumes of the paints/dopes used without protection. As David mentioned, I too found the wing assembly sequence quite interesting, specifically the top wing being assembled first. Again, thanks!

  3. Thanks Stephen. The hand-craftsmanship is simply amazing. Thanks for sharing this.

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