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Messerschmitt Bf 109 E-1, 1/48 Eduard 8261 – updated

March 14, 2019 · in Aviation · · 16 · 3K

My second build of the kits. The model represents Yellow 2 from 6./JG52 in Husum, Germany 1940.

It is mostly OOB except an armament set from Air Master and a resin control column from CMK . I added a control rod to the underwing radiators, navigation lights from clear stretched spruce and a pitot tube from a syringe needle. The antenna wire is Uschi Van der Rosten flexible thread.

The model is air brushed with enamels mostly from Xtracolor. The camouflage of the model underwent some changes during the campaigns it participated in. I tried to paint it in the same way. The upper surface color consisting of RLM 02/71 was oversprayed with the lower color of RLM 65 on the fuselage sides after which the fuselage sides where overspayed with the upper surface color in an irregular pattern.

I sprayed the model with Mr. Super Clear Gloss before I applied the decals. I did some light weathering using Flory washes and pigments, and finally sealed it with Humbrol Satin Cote.

Except that I had some difficulties with assembling the cowling I think it is a great kit.

After my upload I was made aware by the comments that it was more a E-3 than a E-1 variant since it has MG-FF barrels out of the wings. The fix was simple by pulling out the barrels and voila - it was back to a E-1. The last three pictures illustrates the corrected Bf 109E-1. Thanks to all the great comments!

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  1. Turned out really nice - I like it. Welcome to the site. 🙂

  2. Klavs, that's a commendable first entry (not to mention my favorite version of the Bf 109 :). I particularly like the crisp, well defined finish. Welcome onboard at iModeler!

  3. Klavs, Very well done. Certainly a like.

  4. Very attractive 109E!

  5. Very nice. I've always liked those markings

  6. Klavs, an excellent looking Bf-109. I have come around to like the early 109s and actually have this kit on my shelf. I believe Eduard no longer makes it. It would be nice if they reintroduced it. Your model looks really nice. This is a nice start for your first imodeler posting, I really look forward to more from you. Well done !

  7. An excellent approach to the changing camouflage patterns for Emils through the early part of WW2. I'd suggest getting rid of the MG FF barrels in both wings since the E-1 variants carried the same MG set up in each wing as installed over the DB engine. As it is, the armament sellection you've portrayed makes it more like an E-3 without the underwing access bulges for the bulky MG FF magazines. Despite this, it's a well executed Emil! Paul

  8. Well done! Splendid modelling and photos!

  9. Most excellent build and photography! well done Klavs

  10. Thank you for your responce and fine comments. I appreciate it!

  11. Very nice work. I like the paint job.

  12. The cure was simple - now corrected to a E-1 on the last three pics. Thanks to all the great comments!

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