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TV heads up

June 5, 2019 · in News · 11 · 2.1K

"The Cold Blue," the highly-anticipated documentary on the 8th Air Force is on HBO Thursday with multiple screenings then through the weekend. I just realized it seeing an ad earlier tonight.

Anybody here with HBO who doesn't see it is going to be a disappointed aeronut.

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  1. I saw a long time ago, that HBO was producing a series called "The Mighty Eighth" and it would be akin to Band of Brothers, produced by Spielberg and Hanks.
    I don't have HBO currently, I would get it if that series appeared!
    Have you seen any inkling it may be coming? In a 2017 article, it said summer 2019 was the expected air time frame.

  2. Hope it gets at HBO here in Portugal fast. No announcements yet... and since Chernobyl ended yesterday I was planning to cancel the subscription, not so fast I guess

  3. This was in the theater here recently and I had it on the calendar, but missed it. Saving Private Ryan is in theaters today.

  4. Well, I rushed to my TV schedule to tape "The Cold Blue." It is only 1 hr 15 minutes and says it's a documentary on "Meditation on youth, war and trauma." That doesn't much sound like a piece on the 8th Air Force in Europe. But I'll watch to be sure.
    Thanks for the alert, Tom!

  5. I saw it in the theater and it was WELL worth it. Definitely catch this if you have HBO. The restoration of the films was amazing. Told a somewhat different story than the Memphis Belle, but with the appropriate background and the narrative is actually the words of surviving B-17 crewmembers. I hope they keep air the 'afterword' part of the documentary as well - interviews with the aircrews, all in their 90s and sharp as can be. and some of the technical notes of the documentary regarding the restoration, the music, etc. very well done

  6. I remember, 25 years ago, when SWMBO and I had first met, she agreed to come along with me to see the Collings Foundation bombers. We got the Van Nuays airport and they were delayed, but back then, there were a lot of WW2 vets and many of them were there to see the airplanes. We happened to find we were standing next to a ball turret gunner who flew his 25th mission on Second Schweinfurt.He and SWMBO got to talking, and then the airplanes arrived, and he gave her a tour of "909," the B-17. She climbed out and said "Well, I'll never think of these things the way I used to when I saw them on film."

    So, tonight we watched "Cold Blue" and at the end she said "Wow, even more meaningful than that trip you put me through 25 years ago."

  7. Thanks, Tom. I am going to fire up the projector and watch this show this evening with my son and daughter [16 and 14]. I’ll raise a drink when I’m doing so and thank you for the recommendation.

    Can I just say, I am truly thankful for your positive influence on this site. Your insights, observations, and yes, helpfulness are always welcome. If I may, sometimes your interpersonal skills could do with some refining (personally, I’m fine with it), but hell, so could mine.

    Bringing the subject back to modeling, ‘909’ would be a great project...

    In friendship,



  8. Being an Aspergian, I am often amazed I have social skills. 🙂

  9. Ha, got me there, Tom. I have no excuse and people often observe my social skills are...interesting.

    The ‘Cold Blue’ just blew me away. Highly, highly recommended. The scene where the Vet says, “we were essentially all on death row, just waiting our turn” was blood chilling.

    Brilliant piece of cinematography.


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