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November 7, 2019 · in Aviation · 8 ≡

Again someone said that he had to make a photo box and I said no you don't.

I have used my work bench table top for my studio. I buy the white and other color's of paper which is flexible and pin it to my upright wooden shelf bracket. I roll the paper down and tape it to my work table. I use 2 "DAYLIGHT" 75/100 WATT COMPACT FLUORESCENT BULBS" in my two swival lamps. The model is placed in the center of the paper and I take its' photo. I can easily turn the model in any direction, including upside down. Go for it as it's "experimental time" again. RJW.

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    • THANKS CHARLIE...oops, caps on. You should have seen the models that I made on Friday nights in 1977 and were up on my wall shelf by Saturday afternoon. I think I have come a long way since then. I got help from a couple of experience models.

      I rented a home from the bank so I could go anywhere in it and spray paint models, but I choose the garage due to the orders from my boss who I called honey, darling and wife. I would agree with the guy who lives in an apartment. If you live on the ground floor, just go out side.

      One person ask why I quit modeling. It is due to getting "shaky hands" from the first stages of "Parkinson's" disease. In 2000 the hands began to tremble and by 2008 they were shaking a little bit.
      In 2014 they were shaking left, right, up and down at least 1/4"/7mm in all directions. I struggled for two years building models, then said to myself:

      It's time to quit Rodney!

  1. I bought a commercial light box for under $100 and use it when I photograph the aircraft once I’m in the final wings on stages. For detail shots I use a similar set up to yours. I have three colours of poster paper: sky blue is the best and most used followed by black and then grey

  2. Same method here Rodney

  3. The old story is: If it works for you, that's all it counts if you like the end results!

  4. Yep, same-o same-o.

  5. Fantastic series, almost a "masterclass". As my workshop/office is not too big, this is the best photo booth option for me. Thanks for posting, Rodney!

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