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After building models for over 40 years I quit in October, 2016. I have 284 models here at home with 300 awards. I have written several dozen model stories for 5 websites and 4 monthly newsletters.


This photo has zero connection's to the Saipan story posted some time ago, but is directed to the person who wrote to me about my island photo's. You can send your ? to this email address: [email protected] Rjw

A P-51D called “The Duck. “

The very first photo was all I had of this real P-51D. With a good background in "ART" I drew a larger drawing of the duck and had a friend make me a decal. I built this model in 1997 for one of my clients. I added several [...]

My real ’64 Pontiac Bonneville

I bought this car new for 4 grand in the fall of 1963. I never found a model of it when I got into model building in 1984...it would have made a beautiful model.


Here's my Typhoon photo taken from my WW-II Scrapbook, that has the white spinner.

British Typhoon

A very nice model by Monogram that I built back in 2007. I wonder if the kit is still out there as it was a joy to put together. All I really wanted to post was the first two photo's showing how I applied two colors of paint on the [...]

Scribing Templets

The Blue ink on the aluminum says: APRIL 17, 1997 and today is November 7, 2020. All I do is flatten the 0.05" thick aluminum can material then draw on my pattern with a pencil, then scribe it in with my pin vise that has an [...]

Decal Silvering

Back in the early 1980's I just cut out the decals and put them in water, then slid them onto the model. A decade or more later I started cutting around each number/letter, including the insides of the letter [...]

1/72 scale “skyray. “

I forgot who made this kit for sale. Its' been 18 years since I put it together and I don't think I had any building problems. These 5 photos are all that I have of the jet. I was informed at a IPMS/USA San Jose, California monthly club [...]

My model awards 1986-2016

I got into building plastic models with my son and a grandson in late 1977. We went to the 1986 IPMS/USA National Convention down in San Diego, California and we won some awards at the show. My son and grandson quit building models around [...]

1/72 Scale F-107A Jet

I drove down from San Jose, CA to the airplane graveyard that was near Tucson, Arizona in 1986 and took lots of photos, not knowing that someday there would be a plastic kit of this F-107A jet. The first 4 photos are the ones I took and [...]