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After building models for over 40 years I quit in October, 2016. I have 292 models here at home with 300 awards. I have written several dozen model stories for 5 websites and 4 monthly newsletters.

Another scratch-built model.

My client sent me the side view photo of "Dallas Doll" and wanted to know if I could make the "Dallas-style" canopy? I wrote back and said yes I could, but in reality I had never done anything like this before. Experimentation was next on the [...]

Scratch built 1/32 f6f-3 hellcat

I acquired some cockpit and wheel well photo's, so I did my best to duplicate all of these items into this 1/32 scale model. I had to call upon my art talent to draw some logos that the pilot had someone paint on his airplane and/or apply decals[...]


I converted a 1/24 scale Airfix P-51D to a P-51B for a client. Gee-whiz, holy cow, I had no idea how much work was involved when I took on this project, however, day by day it all came together as I had no drawing's nor measurement's to guide me[...]


I blew up the first photo of a P-51D Mustang that was taken in WW-II (1941-1945). With my art talent I drew the "duck" which was fashioned after Walt Disney's movie cartoon character then had a decal made, which was put on my 2nd kit called "tes[...]

Scratch built part 2/p-40 drawings

These are the drawings I made for several "scratch-built" items I made for the 1/32 scale P-40E model. At age 15, (1946) I became a good "Architect" and was drawing house plans for my dad's construction company. All the measurements were type wr[...]


This was a 1/32 scale "Revell" P-40E kit. I did something unusual by placing several hand made parts together then taking the photos. This was done because it cost money for film, film developing, postage. I had spent more than USD$400.00 so fa[...]


I bought the front section of this kit and made some revisions to it. I went "Gung-Ho" as we call it here in America and "hand crafted" several more parts. I had no plans, nor measurements so I just looked at a few photos I had. Remember, this w[...]

1/25th Scale Monogram 1931 Ford Model A

I bought this car 'cause the real one's were produced by the Ford Motor Company during the year of my birth. This model kit had next to no flashing, but they had a couple of punch mark's on some of the parts. In fact if you pay attention to th[...]

1/25th Scale 1960 Ford Starliner

On January 9, 2020 I posted my first 1960 Ford Starliner car. I somehow forgot to post my second one which is like a "half" Starliner car. My 1950 high school buddy Ed lives in Scottsdale, Arizona/U.S.A. and on my 2014 visit he ask me to build [...]

1/25 Scale Ford Starliner Car