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After building models for over 40 years I quit in October, 2016. I have 292 models here at home with 300 awards. I have written several dozen model stories for 5 websites and 4 monthly newsletters.

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Decal’s My Way

My favorite jet has always been the F-86 Sabre, thus when I saw this kit via "Scalehobbyist" I bought it for several reasons. One reason is: I like what we call here in America "Flashie Things" and the paint application on this jet just made m[...]

Two unfinished airliners.

I ran out of time to finish these 2 airliners due to the fact that someone bought our house that was "for sale." I helped my wife, son and a grandson pack up our household items in a big moving van and drove out of our driveway on December 21, 2[...]

Paint table

I found another good photo of my paint table out in our garage when I lived near Cortez, Colorado. It's about 2 feet square/610mm. I attach two 7500 daylight bulb lamps to it. I could set my turn table on the table that had the big 1/18th scale[...]

No. Three 1/32 scale P-51D Zebra Strip Mustang

My first "Zebra" model was made in 1988, then sold a year or so later. I was going to build another one real fast but that never happened, however I built one in 1/48 scale several year's later in the mid 1990's and/or early in the 2000 decade.[...]

A magazine story

FineScale Modeler, (FSM) magazine printed my story long ago. When I open up the photos on our Apple desk top p.c. I click on an "X" up in the top-right corner of the monitor and the photo's become larger, which let's me read what FSM wrote abou[...]

Modeling Tools

I show two photos of my work bench that was in one of our spare bedroom's over in Colorado. The walls are covered with some of my 301 model awards. I made a round tool to roll down the panel lines on top of my decal's. Without doing this you do[...]


I built a 1/24 Scale P-51D Mustang for a client and he wanted everything scratch-built just like the real aircraft. Here are some of the 100 or more photos. The "Dallas" canopy was raised up a bit higher than the regular canopy so I just add[...]

Photo Studio

Again someone said that he had to make a photo box and I said no you don't. I have used my work bench table top for my studio. I buy the white and other color's of paper which is flexible and pin it to my upright wooden shelf bracket. I roll t[...]

Scribing Tools

Again, someone ask me about my scribing tools!!! I bought the 3 long handle dental pick's as they call them here in America in the mid 1980's, including what is called a "Pin-Vise." I was told by a fellow modeler to put a hard case straight pin[...]

Garage Area’s Paint Station; (Booth).

Someone wrote to me and said that he had to build a paint booth. My answer to him was: "No you don't have to do that." From the early 1980's I painted outside next to our swimming pool in San Jose, California, then I moved into our 2 car gar[...]
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