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After building models for over 40 years I quit in October, 2016. I have 284 models here at home with 300 awards. I have written several dozen model stories for 5 websites and 4 monthly newsletters.

X-3 Stiletto

I somehow found this 1/144 scale kit by DRAGON on the web site back in mid 2015. Like any modeler, I just had to have that kit. I never heard of a real jet aircraft that looked like this. I don't recall if the clear model came with the white ve[...]

Island of Saipan 1944.

I posted these photo's with a long story on Large Scale Planes a dozen year's or more ago. In the 1960's and up until the late 1990's I was self-employed as a professional documentary 16mm film producer, including still photographer. In 1971 I [...]

1/48 Scale Mig-29 FULCRUM Jet.

Back in 2008 I wrote some notation's on several of my photos, which will relate some information concerning what I did to the model. The "Ukraine" had a flight demonstration team similar to our "Thunderbirds & Blue Angels" here in U.S.A.

Multi Colored Canadian F-86 Sabre Jet

Seven (7) has always been my "lucky" number and these 7 images show off my Mk-5 Sabre Jet. I have no idea what the "Mk-5" means and I don't think I did any research. I don't have a photo of the box art, nor do I recall why I chose to build a Ca[...]

F-86D Sabre Dog Jet

I use to buy lots of airplane magazine, so when this red Sabre was printed, I just had to have a model of it. It's mostly o.o.b. except for some additions to the cockpit.

MOSQUITO Drawings.

These kit drawings do not show an entry door on either side, nor on the bottom.

Mosquito Bomber

I found these two photo's of a Mosquito W-II bomber showing the entry/exit door. It looks like one door is on the right side and the other photo shows a door on the bottom. I have no idea if I scribed in a door or re-scribed any kit door panel [...]

“Black Mosquito”

The model's official name is: "De Havilland Mosquito NF. Mk II/F/B.Mk.VI/FB. Mk. XVIII." I started to build this o.o.b. model back on August 31, 2015 and finish it on September 17, 2015. I forgot its' official name and t[...]

458 to 57

I have a great deal of research material on the F2G Corsairs that were made in my home town of Akron, Ohio at Goodyear Aircraft Corporation. My father was one of about 1,200 men and women that worked on the Corsairs during WW-II. I got to go ou[...]

1/48 Scale SEAFIRE XV.

I don't remember who's kit this is as I never took a photo of the box art and I don't remember when I built it. However with hardly any photos, I must have built it "OOB." Enjoy!