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Yak-1b (Arma Hobby 1/72)

November 9, 2019 · in Aviation · · 19 · 3.3K

Yak-1b of a soviet ace Boris Yeremin (Борис Ерёмин), winter 42-43 year, Stalingrad. This is a new model kit of a Polish manufacturer , released just a month ago. I've pre-ordered it back in August, and I've got a full kit plus overtrees for another one as a bonus, so this model is a "test" (decal sheet has all items needed for two). The test went really smoothly – without any doubts it's a one of the best kits in scale I've built. Good fit, quality decals, six paint options, reasonable PE parts (not required if you don't like PE). Excellent option for a relaxed "weekend" build. Also, I do like this "one sprue" tradition – all kits by Arma Hobby has one and only one styrene sprue (not counting clear parts of course).

Model was painted using AKAN paints – MK-7 for white and A-14 for interior and a wheel bay. The reason why white doesn't look worn-out is that this paint was not a temporary white usually applied in the field, but a special winter paint applied on the repair station. Another one interesting fact is that photos of this particular aircraft show it was all white, not just upper surfaces.

Thanks for watching!

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  1. What a little jewel that plays the part of the Yak-1b. Arma is something of a sleeper to folks in the states, you don't see these kits being built and shown but, I have feeling that they will be seen a lot more. Their Hurricane is also a little jewel . Two thumbs up Dmitry on some excellent modeling and photography.

    • @stephen-w-towle Thank you Stephen! While I was writing this post here, I've received a mail from Arma about pre-ordering theirs new Hurricane IIc 🙂 I think, eventually Arma Hobby would became a well known brand like many others, because (to my mind) quality/price ratio is very good.

  2. 1/72? Really? You could have fooled me! Beautiful work.

  3. Great job! It’s tough to make an all-white finish look good! Looks like a very nice kit.

  4. White is a demanding color, you did a great job !

  5. Lovely work!

    Nice info about the winter cammo, thanks!

  6. Really nice Dmitry, the subtle weathering looks perfect. I'll have to check out the Arma Hobby range.

  7. Dmitry, I had to take another look when I notice this was in 1/72. I really like your realistic winter scheme. Nicely done !

  8. Another beauty Dmitry! The kit looks like it has nice recessed details, and your finishing job is fantastic as always. I'll ditto thanks about the note on the paint scheme!

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