Revell 1/48 Heinkel He111H-6 North Africa

Built about 10 years ago.
My dad didn´t want to do the usual 70/71 camo, so it has become a desert version.

Germany kit with decals, Gunze and Tamiya acrylics, Humbrol Matt Cote. Still a good kit, only critical point is the glassnose to fuselage connection.

Found no pic of the original aircraft. It´s a bit of a mystery. Maybe "Error"master has striked again.

According to the fuselage code the a/c was assigned to Stukageschwader 3 in . But looking at the scorpion badge on the front it was also with Sonderkommando DORA, a scientific/geological/cartografing mission in the Lybian desert.

Also not sure if it was a H or P model, there´s a ProModeller 1/32 He111P kit with these markings.

But it looks good in that dress 🙂

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  1. Beautiful Heinkel 111. This is a fantastic looking build. I also especially like the photos of it sitting parked with the Stork and the FW-190 !

    I built up one of these almost identical to your fathers about a year and a half ago. It was part of our Kasserine Pass group build. Luckily for my plane, they included two photos, showing both sides. They claimed having a picture of both sides was rare. I believe it. Here are the pictures that Eagle Cals included with the decal set. These Eagle Cals are among the best I have ever used. Plus they are well researched.

    The fuselage code numbers are almost identical to yours. Mine is S7 + ZA, but otherwise the same. I hope these photos help ... Currently I have an ICM 1/48 scale He-111 on the work bench that has stalled... Maybe your article will help to inspire me again.

    Thanks for sharing this beauty with us. Well done and "liked"

  2. The whole idea is too build a model that will be satisfying in the end. Don't matter how difficult it was, or if the markings aren't exact, the challenge is part of the passion. If you have been building for awhile you know what too expect from certain model kit producers. Your original Monogram/Pro Modeler He-111 is another excellent build. This is the scheme I have planned to build with the Monogram kit though in different markings. Also love to see the size comparison to other aircraft it shared the field with. And a staff car thrown in as well. Another excellent posting. Thanks for sharing another great model.

  3. Nice! Looks great in this scheme.

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