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Teeth&Fang GB extension

December 26, 2019 · in Uncategorized · · 7 Comments

Just to announce that this will be prolonging its closing date till the 29th February.
There are at least 3 ongoing WIPs (including my own) so this extra time should help fellow modelers to complete their builds on time.

7 responses

  1. Thank you Pedro ! @holzhamer

    This extension was desperately needed... Now I can concentrate on completing that huge 1/48 Monogram B-24. My MiG-15 adventure is about to close. I hope to have the last of the MiG's done today.

    Thanks for the wonderful Christmas present by extending this group build... it's the perfect gift.

  2. Thanks Pedro, merry Christmas !

  3. I like that Gina Pedro. I built the ESCI kit a while back but it didn't have a wicked shark mouth like the one in your picture! (It's a fun quick kit too!)

    • Although the photo is not mine, I know I have one from similar angle somewhere, because this plane is in my backyard museum, the FAP (Portuguese AF) Museum. I don’t think this shark mouth plane is/was available in decals, but I might be wrong. The ESCI was, for a long time, the main source for those who wanted to build a Gina in 1/48, being reboxed by Italeri and Ocidental. Too bad we don’t have a modern mould for this great little plane. There are tons of camouflages and AF operators.

      • Yeah, the cockpit it a touch basic, but the rest of the kit goes together quite well apart from the gun bay covers and when finished still looks great in the green and grey Italian camo with full color markings.

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