Nakajima KI-27 “Nate” Hasegawa/Mania 1/48

September 10, 2020 · in Aviation · · 20 · 1.9K

An awesome simple kit,in the colors of the 77th Sentai against the AVG in 1941-2...

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  1. I like the finish.

  2. You're lucky there aren't any AVG members left alive to get upset with you for even thinking that they shot down anything but Zeros, no matter that the nearest an A6M got to Rangoon was about 1,500 miles, down at Bali. They didn't shoot down no stinkin' little Ki-27s, nosiree! (Never mind the fact that if you didn't mention what kind of airplanes they fought, Charles Older, R.T. Smith and Erik Shilling all three talked to me about the difficulty of dealing with the Ki-27 and the Ki-43. But they only fought Zeros!) Seriously, that was their story and they stuck to it. Never mind that photo in Life magazine of several of them admiring a rudder with the insignia your model carries, that is obviously a Ki-27 rudder.

    This kit began life as the first Mania 1/48 kit, then Mania went bankrupt and Hasegawa hired the designers, thus bringing "the revolution" of increased accuracy to scale airplane model production, making the kit itself a veritable historical object.

    Very nice work on this, the kit really is a little gem.

    • Tom,

      I suspected this,by the US propaganda of that time,even knowing that the Japanese had no Zeroes around them.

      Indeed I was inspired by the AVG stories and by that photo to build this Nate... 🙂

      Got a couple of P-40B´s to do AVG for sure...1/48 and 1/32.

      Thank you for the historic record both of plane and kit.

  3. Excellent job, Marcus!
    Perfect weathering!

  4. Very clean and solid build Marcus.
    There has been a “flood” of Nates lately but all, and obviously including yours, are very neat models indeed.
    I still have the Hasegawa box with resin wheels in the stash, so hopefully someday this one will be in my workbench

  5. Great build! Always thought this was one of the most graceful looking planes that the japanese ever built. Really like how the paint makes the oil cooler ring stand out in the motor.

  6. Very nice build. It indeed looks very graceful.

  7. A great looking Nate, Marcus.
    Solid build and very nice on the weathering.

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