Under Jolly Roger...Tamiya 1/48 Messerschmitt Me262A-1a KG(J)54

December 30, 2019 · in Aviation · · 12 Comments

Built in 2018.
Tamiya kit with EagleCals, the fuselage band is painted because the decal didn´t look right. EZ Line used for antenna wires and front brake line. Gunze and Tamiya paints for camo.
Kagero and JaPo books for reference

20 additional images. Click to enlarge.

12 responses

  1. That is one beautiful Me-262, probably the sharpest one I have seen. The unusual not typical scheme used late in the war. Really they were not in service long enough to get weathered as much as the rest of the Luftwaffe like 109's and 190's. Another beautiful aircraft with outstanding skill with the airbrush laying out a difficult paint scheme. Bravo!

  2. Very good paint work Roland. Have the Kagero book with this precise plane and appropriate decals and was planning using them for an upcoming 262 campaign in another site. After seeing how good yours turn out I don’t think I’ll risk building it 🙂 keep them coming

  3. Wow! That is one hell of a good paint job.

  4. Excellent! I love late war mish mash cammo! Very well done!

  5. Man oh man ! I like this one a whole lot... If you ever decide to get rid of it, I'm sure I can make some room in my display case ! This is perfection... and a fantastic subject to boot.

    If they were still doing the model of the month award, this one would be a contender for sure.

    Well done my friend ! and I mean VERY well done.

  6. Superb paint work Reinhard! It really is a shame Tamiya did not provide for opened slats on this kit. The slats were always open when the plane was on the ground and to me it makes the model look strange. Hopefully Tamiya will do a new tool kit providing this feature .

  7. Top!
    Real nice representation of this camouflage scheme .

  8. Amazing paintwork! A super result.

  9. Thanks all for likes and comments!

  10. Well done on the paint work.
    I also have the Kagero book with decals and my wife bought me the Tamiya kit off ebay for Christmas (well, with a little help from me). I've been thinking of doing the same machine.
    I hope I can get it to look as good as yours.

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