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Visit to the Texas National Guard Museum: Camp Mabry, Austin, Texas

December 31, 2019 · in Photo Collections · · 8 Comments

My wife and I were in

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  1. George @gblair, Nice post! Don't get to Austin that much anymore, I prefer the cities a little more south of 'Weird" ;-). Still a great place to visit. I'll have to remember to stop by this place next time I'm in the Area.

    The F-16 from the 147th put a smile on my face. They were stationed down here at Ellington Field, KEFD before they changed roles. The 147th is now a 'Reconnaissance' wing flying Predators. We still have National Guard F-16's, but they are from Oklahoma. Probably still flown by Texans, but it's not quite the same.

    • Thanks for the info, James (@jamesb). With all the traffic and creative driving in Austin, I prefer to visit rather than live there. I live just north of San Antonio, but we travel to Austin to visit my daughter & her husband 3 or 4 times a month. When I was flying T-37s at Randolph, I enjoyed taking my students on cross-country trips to Ellington. Back then, there were Guard F-4s to see, as well as some NASA T-38s. I was stationed in New Jersey when the F-16s started to show up at Ellington. Went to the Lone Star Flight Museum in Houston, a few months ago...very cool.

      • North of San Antonio, NICE!. Love that part of the State. I grew up down here and still remember when KEFD was an Air Force Base. Dad would take me out an see the Delta Darts on weekends.

        Next time you get down to Houston, look me up. As soon as we get the SB2C Helldiver's engine back on, she will return to Ellington and be parked inside LSFM for the first few months before Airshow season starts up. I'll probably post some photos here once she returns.

        Here's a few shots from KEFD. First one shows where he NASA Jets are stored. Second one shows where the Ready F-16s are parked. They were out already on that morning.

        2 attached images. Click to enlarge.

        • Thanks! It looks like the photos were taken from a Helldiver. Great photos.

          • First one was from a small Whirlybird, a Schweizer S300C. In fact my profile photo is a selfie from inside that bird. I occasional rent helicopters for industrial photo shoots. The second one is taken from the back seat of the Helldiver.

  2. Good collection of pic's there George, happy new year !

  3. Great photos. We've been to Camp Mabry before but never to the museum. REALLY need to check it out the next time we are there.

  4. Looks like a great museum.

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