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iModeler at the Movies

Well, it must be a great show that survives a poor host.

101 members, 85 topics, and way more than 2,000 posts!

Despite (or perhaps because of) my absence recently – this Group has been an outstanding success in terms of bringing the community together in celebration of all things modeling and the Silver Screen. My sincere apologies for being Missing in Action for the last few months. I can only say this could not be helped…

…but, now that my medication is working and I’m being allowed unchaperoned access to the internet again, we are going to bring this Group home.

So…a quick recap – We’ll have a new deadline of February 10th – Oscars Night.

Any unfinished projects WILL be included in the Group Build reveal.

I have a panel of five iModeler members standing as judges and we’ll pick an overall winner of best Model.

…and a prize will be dispatched to the deserving winner.

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  1. David! Nice to see you around again mate.

  2. Welcome back David !!

    • Thanks, Allan. It sounds such a simple thing, “keep in touch”, but over the last few months I’ve found that being part of iModeler (for me, anyway) requires more time and energy than occasional ‘visitation rights’ .

      I hope that you and your close ones have been safe and sound – tough times in NSW.


  3. Wondered where you had been. I will have to get a post organised.

    • Appreciate the message, Haslam. It’d be great of you could post something, it’s been a pretty amazing response to the GB – that said, due to my present circumstances I myself will only be able to complete (even then, not 100% what I’d hoped for the Indianapolis) one build for my own project.

      Sadly, at the moment, I’m not able to build anything – may take a while to remedy that – but as soon as I can, I hope to complete pled projects and star5 new ones.

      Thanks, Haslam.


  4. Welcome back David! I was just weathering the u-boat a bit. It’ll be done by 10 February.

  5. David @dirtylittlefokker, my dear friend from across the pond. I truly hope that you are well on the way to a speedy and fruitful recovery all though I question the bit about being “unchaperoned”. We have truly missed your wit and wisdom around the watering hole during the trials and turbulence these past few months. I for one, am very happy to see you back.

    James B

  6. David,
    It is wonderful to hear from you. Your humorous wisdom, and words of wit have truly been missed. It is good to see you back posting on here again. Like James, I wish you a full recovery and good health in the New Year. I can’t say it any better than he has………..

    I have the “Victory at Sea” Avenger finished, but I just have not posted the final results. Fury has some work to be done, and I will try my best to finish it before the deadline. I think it can be done………………… I think I can, I think I can………

    Welcome back my friend !!!

    • Hi Louis.

      Thank you for the kind words, the welcome back, and the downright lies…

      I really look forward to seeing the Avenger – and don’t worry too much about the deadline – it’s the journey, not the destination. Though in this case, I’m sure the destination will be outstanding.

      Also appreciate all the private messages – the encouragement, updates, and photos.

  7. After hearing about all you went through, it’s very good indeed to hear from you.

    I don’t think we can offer what you got “touring the highland distilleries,” but hopefully it’s equally as warming of the interior.

  8. David! Welcome back. I missed my therapy sessions.

    I truly hope all is well. Like the others have said, your humor, wit and wisdom bring some needed lightheartedness when we’re struggling with ill-fitting kits and Tenax fumes. 🙂


  9. Great having you back my friend. Now I have reason to care about Oscar night.

  10. David, My Enterprising friend, You’ve been missed.I got a couple of builds for the group but I didn’t do a work in progress for them. Simple builds. Nice to see you back. @dirtylittlefokker

  11. David, as others have said, it’s good to see you back. If you’ve had health or other issues I hope they’re behind you!

    • Dale, there’s a rather famous Danish philosopher, Sorren Kierkegaard, who said something like, “life only makes sense looking backwards – problem is, we live it forwards”. All’s good now, Dale – didn’t feel that way for a while – but we get to where we need to be in the end.

      Appreciate the check-in,


  12. Hey David you scalawag, you…
    Late as the cavalry, but still wanted to say welcome back from my OKB as well!
    iModeler was not the same without you… 😉

  13. Aleks… my favourite existential/quantum sophist. Knew if I put out a chum line and a big enough hook I’d catch you out there.

    OKB – all objectives achieved, factory reset complete.


    • David, @dirtylittlefokker

      This is from Wikipedia: “ Many sophists taught their skills for a price. Due to the importance of such skills in the litigious social life of Athens, practitioners often commanded very high fees.”

      It seems that it is indeed that quantum uncertainty in my doctrine, clashing against potential for the great wealth that I should be endowed with by now. I must contemplate about abolishing quantum part of the creed…

      As for existentialism, chum and hooks, placing word SEX randomly in your text may work wonders! 😝


  14. Dear Aleks. Alas, in 2020 wise men are not often rewarded for their insights and sage counsel. It’s an interesting thing (sex) that I get paid a lot of money to dissect and reassemble people’s lives, but when asked advice by a friend or colleague (for free) – I draw a blank.

    By strange parallel, I LOVE model building, but (sex) when I’ve been commissioned to do some work, have lost sufficient enjoyment that I now refuse such requests. I guess the lessons are – be careful where you apply the pressure in life, and money in itself is not a reliable or consistent motivator…


  15. Ah David, always the teacher. Thank you, I learnt two new words today. Doubt, like Algebra, that I will every find a way to use them round here with all the rednecks but I do appreciate the lesson.

    So when I come across the pond for a visit, I’ll sip your Glenmorangie, but if you had a bottle of Cardhu, we’d drink the night away!


    • Here we are, James…just ready for you to pop over…


      • There’s a great bit of History behind that Bottle! I’ll make sure and bring some of my Wild Turkey Long Branch or maybe one of The Russell’s Reserve for samplin. To make a smooth Whiskey is a work of art, to make it at 110 proof is a Masterpiece. 😉

  16. Tail end Charlie here. David I really thought that your friend the Cat, did some perverse Hitchcocking thing and got your tongue and now people are writing that you had to visit all the 100 or so distilleries in Scotland. Sampling single and double malts …

    From the photo you seem to be in good spirits .

    This business of life getting in the way: ” Life is what happens while we are making other plans.

    The boards Muse is back in the saddle and the drought is over.

  17. I am very pleased to hear from you, Stephen (hey, you’re not the Stephen Towle that played for the Miami Dolphins, are you…?) – it’s been a loooong time.

    The details of my absence are too gruesome to share in public forums…besides which I’ve signed a Non Disclosure Agreement and the lawyers, doctors, and the taxidermist are still fighting over the details.

    Yes, there was some visiting of distilleries in the aftermath; notes were taken, samples sampled, and my new hobby is even now bubbling away in what used to be the modelling shed…

    But as you say, spirits are good (pun intended) as can be evidenced in this photo from after the New Year…no, on second thoughts, I won’t post that – even I have a reputation to preserve…

    — Image [pic1] not found —

    The modelling hobby has taken a hit – I won’t be allowed near any sharp objects for a while and the glue and paint fumes are contraindicated with the experimental nature of my meds. But, I’m hoping to get back on board the Orca in a month or so. This year, I’ll be just focusing on the Group Builds, probably testing their boundaries with the weirdest thing I can find whilst staying within the parameters.

    Hope you are well, Stephen.

    illegitimi non carborundum.


  18. I must report that I too got to visit a distillery while visiting the Highlands in Oct of last year. I got to visit Blair Athol and tasted their 12 year old single malt whiskey and experience the “The burn of the otter.” As fortune would have it there were ladies present during the tour and at the end of the tour, three of them donated their rations into my glass. I and a 79 year old Aussie who also, was a up standing gentleman and received three more rations did the gentlemanly thing to do…

    I can see why the Scott’s have a smile and are of out standing stock and character.

  19. Welcome back David. All the best for 2020 and of course, above all, good health!

  20. Thanks, Michael. It’s going to going to be a great year, I can feel it in my bones (actually…ending 2020 with the same number of bones I stared it with would be a good goal). Have a great weekend!


  21. Hey, everyone. Just putting the final touches to the iModeler at the Movies group build right now. I anticipate being done on Wednesday this week – so if anyone out there has a mad urge to ‘build in a day’ or finish off projects – well, now’s the time.

    I want to thank each and every one of you for participating (more of that on Wednesday) – and I know there’s a few builds still out there (mine included) – I’ll follow up each and every one to the end credits. No man left behind!

    Cheers to you, my fellow iModelers – and see you soon.

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