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Professional psychologist, father of four, musician, modeler, lecturer. Tired.

My modeling defaults are building dioramas and WWII aircraft. Enjoy WW2 history, reading, single malt scotch whisky (without the ‘e’), music, good food, bit of philosophy, and general history.

On This Day…

The Enterprise arriving in New York City on October 17, 1945. She had just returned from Pearl to the US mainland with almost 1,500 servicemen for discharge, and was in the Big Apple for the upcoming Navy Day celebrations. It is very hard to im[...]

On This Day…

Photo of the US Navy collier ‘USS Jupiter’ taken on 16 Oct 1913. After an extensive rework in 1922 the USS Jupiter become the USS Langley (CV1) - the United States’ first aircraft carrier. The first aircraft carrier designed as such was not laid[...]

On This Day…

On the 15th October, 1940, the Luftwaffe dropped over 530 tons of high explosives on London, killing more than 400 civilians. This photo was taken in the immediate aftermath on Balham High Street... ...while on the very same day this photog[...]

On This Day…

The photo below is of the USS Langley (CVL27) taken just off Taiwan on October 14th, 1944. The flight deck crew are seen taking cover from a Japanese aircraft (dead centre of the photo). The Langley served in the French Navy as ‘La Fayett[...]

On This Day…

October 13th 1944... Crew of a PBY Catalina rescue Sgt James Latta and Sgt Willis Morlan out of the Adriatic after being forced to bail from their B-24H Liberator after a raid on Vienna, Austria. Crew of the USS Wasp (originally named the Or[...]

Trip down memory lane…in a Gran Torino.

As part of the ongoing unboxing ceremony of moving onto a new house I was reacquainted with this beauty. She’s an old ‘scalextric’ 1/32 scale that I’ve had for some time and she always brings a smile to me. The iModeler at the Mo[...]

Top Three Best Movies Ever.

The ‘iModeler at the Movies’ Group Build has already been a greater success than I could have hoped. Inspired by Aleksander I have added this adjunct; what are your top three movies - ever? My hopes are that we can inspire some more excellent [...]

iModeler at the Movies

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and that being the case I just want to chum the waters to try and draw in a few more iModelers into the Movie themed Group Build. It’s also a great excuse to share some classic movie posters. The[...]

‘A Higher Call’ – the very best of humanity in the very worst of times.

I think most people on iModeler will know of the story of Charlie Brown and Franz Stigler. On the return journey home from a bombing raid on Germany in December 1943, 20 year old pilot Charlie Brown nursed his critically injured B-17 towa[...]

The Royal Treatment

I’d never discovered Eduard’s ‘Royal Class’ collection before so wanted to share this gift that came my way for my birthday. Beautiful box , which is both a strange and geeky thing to say, but the line drawing and understated presentation a[...]