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Professional psychologist, father of four, musician, modeler, lecturer. Tired.

My modeling defaults are building dioramas and WWII aircraft. Enjoy WW2 history, reading, single malt scotch whisky (without the ‘e’), music, good food, bit of philosophy, and general history.

On This Day...February 22nd

RAF Air Transport Auxilliary ferry pilot, Veronica, sits in her Spitfire, February 22nd, 1943. ______________ Four caskets containing 22nd Marines, Parry Island, Eniwetok, February 22nd, 1944. _______________ 22nd February 1944. A TBM Av[...]

On This Day...February 21st

In the town of Rath, during Operation ‘Grenade’, the plan for the 9th Army to cross the Roer in Rhineland, Germany. The Ninth Army was finally able to cross the river on 23 February, by which time other Allied forces were also close to the Rh[...]

On This Day...February 20th

On February 20, 1942, Lt. Edward O’Hare took off from the aircraft carrier USS Lexington in a raid against the Japanese at Rabaul and landed as America’s first flying ‘ace’. Rabaul, a small town at the very Northern tip of New Britain island,[...]

On This Day...February 19th

A very clear theme running through the series today, especially with the colourised photos, which need no captions. Private first class Rez P. Hester (sadly, we don’t know the dog’s name) finds time to close his eyes for a moment while his [...]

On This Day...February 18th

Grumman Avenger (VT-82, the ‘Devil’s Diplomats’) shows its mettle as she struggles to return to her carrier, USS Bennington, CV-20. The Avenger collided with another TBM in raids against picket shipping around Chichi Jima (pic 3, below). [... ]

On This Day...February 17th

Today, February the 17th in 1956 as saw the YF-104 make it’s first flight from Edwards Air Force Base in the Mojave Desert, US. To me, and many others, there just isn’t a more beautiful aircraft ever made. On this first flight, Herman ‘Fish’[...]

On This Day...February 16th

B-17E ‘BOOMERANG ‘ from 92nd Bomb Group at Bovingdon, England. The Boomerang was shot down by Luftwaffe fighters after a raid bombing U-Boat pens in St-Nazaire harbour in France. 16th February, 1943. Her 11-man crew’s fates are detailed below.[...]

On This Day...February 15th

‘Friendly fire’ (in this case quite literally) was a huge problem when organising bomb runs on the massive scale that Bomber Command executed in the war with Nazi Germany. These photos, taken on February 15th, 1943 in Scampton Airfield, Englan[...]

On This Day...February 14th

9th Armored Division technician Alvin Harley with a little French girl on 14th February, 1945. _______________ _______________ The traumatic evacuation of Singapore against the overwhelming might of the Japanese imperial Army in February[...]

On This Day…February 13th

On Saturday February 13, 1943 flight of 12 F4Us from VMF-124 escorted Thirteenth Air Force B-24 bombers to Bougainville, the longest escort mission of the war in the Solomons at the time. This was the Corsair’s very first combat mission, thoug[...]