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‘iModeler at the Movies’ – Part 7.

February 17, 2020 · in Photo Collections · 3 · 1.8K

Paolo Ruffulo’s exquisite build from ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ (in my mind, the best of the Star Wars canon) is Jango Fett’s ‘Slave I’ which, as you all know, is a modified Firespray-31-class patrol and attack craft used produced by a subsidiary company of Kuat Drive Yards, based on the planet Kuat.


From the little known classic, ‘Speed Racer’...

Michael Paquette’s ‘Mach 6’ racing car. Michael also had the idea of building the ‘Tigerfish’ from ‘Ice Station Zebra’, would have loved to see that one.


The USS Indianapolis, Part of an eventual triptych which will comprise the mechanical shark, the Orca, and the Indi as a homage to ‘Jaws’.

Wouldn’t be a movie Group Build without a Delorean.

I think Josh was spoiled for choice, as he also started on ‘BJ and the Bear’, and a Ceylon Raider from the original ‘Battlestar Galactica’...


‘Fury’ seems to be a movie that polarises people - you love it or hate it. It’s a difficult watch at times but captures some of the brutality of war. And man.

Louis’s build of the ‘easy eight’ comes (as is often the case with Louis) with a companion piece - another Sherman, this time from Korea. Again, please visit the build log, it is a modeling treasure trove.

@roofrat built this HMS Fearless, featuring in the last scenes of Bond’s ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’.

Nobody does it better, Rob.

The Spirit of St Louis.

Gary, you NEED to get onto this build, she clearly wants you to bring her to life. Won’t tell you twice...


Back to Star Wars, and the Empire Strikes Back this time to the ice planet ‘Hoth’.

Terrific diorama from Carl Christensen


Some Anime - from the series ‘Macross’

This was built by @aaron_newlands

If you look very carefully in this photo of Rick Wilkes bench, you might just see a Grumman Panther.

Proposed build of “Men of the Fighting Lady” - a 1954 film inspired by James Michener’s article “The Forgotten Heros of Korea” and “The Case of the Blind Pilot” by Cmdr Harry Burns.


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  1. I totally forgot to post my 1/18 DeLorean! My ED-209 is floating around somewhere though!

  2. Josh, I still have another post (part 8, if you can believe it) so there’s still time to post them.


  3. I’m thinking it might be best to do best in “class” awards, and then a best in show or best picture. I.e. best sci-fi, best car movie, best war movie, best all get the point. Too many great builds to pick from at this point.

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