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1995 USS Carl Vinson, Coast of Pearl HarborCommemoration of the end of WWII

April 20, 2020 · in Aviation · 18 · 2K

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  1. Very cool of the Navy to let some warbird operators do this. Did they land them on deck too or were they hoisted on board? Also, what were the Grumman Geese and Albatross doing onboard?

  2. Josh @jpatt1000, They hoisted them on board in California. They landed on land in Hawaii. For the trip back, they were hoisted again. The G-21 Goose (original designation) was used during WWII by the USAAF, USN, US Coast Guard, Canadian RCAF, the British RAF/RN as well as several other Nations. It even served in the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force after the war.

    The Albatross was not introduced until 1947 and was actually a improved design of the Grumman Mallard from early 1946. Not sure why they were there other than they could.

    Only the Hellcat, Corsairs, TBM and the SNJ were originally equipped with arresting hooks. Not even sure that was an original SNJ or AT-6.

  3. That was a great video, kind of fun to see planes not intended for carrier take off able to do it on the big boys we have today. I took special interest in the B-25's and the Goose's or should I say Geese. I spent 7 years working on the restoration of a McKinnon Conversion Goose. Not as pretty as the original, but gross weight increased by close to 50% and cruise speed by almost 100 mph. Really an impressive aircraft...and I can vouch for this one, it is a extremely well built machine!

    2 attached images. Click to enlarge.

    • Wow Walt @luftwaffe-birdman, that is a good looking bird!

      I've been in a few those same types of birds in the video. It's very deceptive. I've witnessed a high performance take off of a B-25. The Vinson must have increase it's speed a tad when they lifted off.

  4. Hey Chuck @uscusn and Louis @lgardner and David @dirtylittlefokker. Better tune in before this disappears. With everyone getting more bench time, post are not hanging around for long.

    • James @jamesb
      You weren't kidding ! In no time at all this article of yours was gone from the front page section. The stay at home "virus" atmosphere has had a significant impact on the regular postings here on Imodeler.
      That's a very cool video... Thanks for sharing it with us.

  5. That is so cool James!

  6. This is one incredible video. I was totally impressed watching the B-25's take off the carrier and just put my mind back to 1942 when they took off on a much smaller carrier and even shorter flight deck. What a moment. The flying boats as well all of them. It was a beautiful sight to see and hear. Fascinating! Thanks for sharing this James.

  7. Hello James,
    Thanks for sharing this very remarkable video with us.
    The take-off from the B-25 was spectacular short.
    Regards to all and stay safe.

    • Hello Dirk @orion, nice to see you around here again. I think that was a little deceptive. I'm not an expert on the B-25, especially these models but they are probably using Wright R-2600 Twin Cyclone engines. These were also used in several planes of the time, including the TBF Avenger, SB2C Helldiver, A-20 Havoc and the PBM Mariner. I'd be willing to bet the reason they were later taking off was to clear the deck of the smaller planes to give them more room. Still, pretty impressive.

      • Hello James,
        The take-off from a carrier making more than twenty knots, sailing into the wind, makes it a lot easier to get airborne with a sparsely loaded B-25.
        Even by the "Doolittle raid" they were airborne almost immediately.
        Stormy winds and the speed of the carrier did almost all the work for them.
        The lift is tremendous.
        Highest Regards, Dirk
        The Mariner PBM-5A was equipped with the R2800-34 piston Pratt And Whitney. 2300 HP each. 4 blade propeller.

  8. A great post. Loved watching every one of those warbirds take off. When you think there was only thirty years between the B-25 and the F-18 it really does make you appreciate the technological leaps we've made.

    Thanks for this, James.



  9. Thanks so much @jamesb for sharing this. So wonderful to see these warbirds!

  10. This is cool! I served aboard the USS Carl Vinson on her maiden cruise. the 1983 World Cruise from Norfolk, Va to San Fransisco, CA.

  11. A great post James - thank you!

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