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Idea for a new group build with Aircraft, Armor, Automobiles and what have you: “Year of the Cat”…

May 13, 2017 · in News · · 71 · 1.8K

We have our Midway Group Build that is scheduled to finish around the 75th anniversary of the battle, which ran from June 3rd through the 7th. We have made provisions that allow for projects to be posted after the deadline, to allow for our fellow builders to complete any project they so desire. (The ending date will not be strictly enforced.)

So I had another idea that I wanted to propose to everyone to see how it would be received...

Traditionally, the Chinese have a calendar year that is named after some sort of animal. This year is the "Year of the Rooster".

Once our Midway Group Build is wrapped up, what do you think about this ?

The year of the "Cat" ...

Anything would go that was named after any sort of Cat / Feline.

I'm talking about most of the Grumman planes, Hellcat, Wildcat, Bearcat, Tigercat, Panther jets, Cougars, F-14 Tomcats,

Curtiss P-40 Kittyhawks, SEPECAT Jaguar's, what have you...

But wait ... there's more !

To add in a small twist for our fellow Armor builders, what about including anything Armor related such as Tiger's, Panther's, Jagdpanther's, Jagdtiger's, Sturmtiger's, Bergepanther's, Leopard tank's, Puma's and so on ?

Basically anything that was named after a cat of some sorts... any scale or "Cat" subject would do. If you can find a boat or a ship with a "Cat" name or designation, it would work too.

We could run it through the rest of the year ... ending on New Years Eve.

That was the original idea... Then George Williams came up with another brilliant twist. Why not carry it over until the Chinese New Year ? It's on February 16th, 2018, and ironically, it is followed by the "Year of the Dog" next. This will give us even more time to complete our projects.

So ... What do you think ?

Depending on the responses I get, (if it is well received), then I could start up another Group Build sometime around the middle of June...

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  1. Sounds good to me, Louis...maybe I can participate in a timely manner this time. 🙁

  2. Even tho' I have an M18 Hellcat in primer, I would easily find something else feline to build...

    ...sign-me-up for my first iM Group Build !


  3. I think it's a fine idea, Louis, mi amigo! And since I have started an F6F Hellcat, I'd like to be the 3rd official entry - or 4th, counting yourself. I might actually finish it this way & MAYBE in time for the end of the time period if this build project becomes o-fish-ull!

    Uh ... can I enter the M1A1 I plan to model after my own Desert Storm beast - she purred like a kitten. (With one helluva bite & ferocious claws! LoL!)

    No? Oh well. I guess the Hellcat will have to do.

    Great suggestion!

    • I'm glad you like this idea buddy... Maybe you could build another M-1 from the "Canadian Army Trophy" tank gunnery competition, that was held every two years ? I remember seeing a tank model that had a "Cat" on the side of the turret ... 🙂

      If not then your Hellcat would definitely fit the bill...

      • The cat was called "Bill the Cat" and was on the side of the turret on a M-1 IP in Germany. 1987 Grafenwoehr "Tent City" I think...

        • I just added a few pictures of the M1 for you Jeff... and Bill the Cat...

          • Thanks! Bill the Cat is one of my heroes! It took a while for the M1 series to be allowed to compete in the C.A.T. competition. I understand that when it was finally allowed, the crew did VERY well. There was also a story that went around that during (more likely right after) an M1A2, of which there were a handful produced but none sent to be part of Desert Storm, was paired against a Soviet T-80 (I don't know which version) loaned by a country in the Coalition which had recently received some. While the M1A2 was able to best the T-80 in several situations, the T-80 was a solid, formidable tank. I know that as an "Allied Power" we were taught that anything from the Soviets was inferior but I never completely bought into that thinking, and in real life, we found out that with well trained crews, pilots, etc. their equipment equaled the best in the world. I'm sure glad the T-72 I went up against didn't have a crew that was as good as many in my platoons! I'm just sayin' ...

  4. There's no end of possibilities, you could include non-military subjects like Jaguar cars, Triumph Tiger motorcycles...
    Maybe the end date should tie in with the Chinese New Year?

    • That is an EXCELLENT idea George. We can incorporate that into the build for sure. It will give everyone a little more time to complete their work. Isn't the Chinese New Year somewhere around January 28th ?

      • Plus it would open things up to allow for civilian car and motorcycle builds. Thanks that's awesome.

        • I just looked it up George. February 16th, 2018 is when the next "New Year" starts. It will be the year of the Dog next.

          • I just took your idea George and added a few pictures to the list above. I selected a Jag 120XKE and a Triumph Tiger motorcycle... I changed the heading a little too.

            Great ideas Sir ! Thank you...

  5. I'm definitely in! Just starting two cats in what I hope to turn into a 'Big E' diorama.

  6. Good idea, i will join this for Sure!

    • Thanks Christian.

      We would definitely look forward to having you join. I just looked at some of your jet builds and they are simply amazing. If this project becomes reality, it would be a pleasure to have you on board.

      So far we have 5 persons possibly more...

  7. Excellent, that would give me the opportunity to finish my once started Eduard F6F-5 Hellcat... and as for the selction of subjects, let's not forget the F-14 Tomcat

    • Excellent news Martin !

      It would be fantastic if you could join in on the fun. I just went back and added a few pictures of the Tomcat...

      Now we are up to at least 7 members now...

  8. I think this is a great idea, lots of oportunities for military and civil subject with this one.
    Count me in for my first iM group build, I might have some cats waiting in my stash to be build. Otherwise a good excuse to browse my local modelstores and bring a new cat home lol ...

    • Awesome my friend. I'm happy to hear that you like the idea.

      I personally have had a great time with the Midway Group build. I'm sure that you will too, once we get this one going off the ground... lots of choices for sure.

      It never hurts to stop by the local hobby stores and see what they have... you just never know what you may find.

      I will count you in ! Thanks my friend.

      We are at 8 so far and counting... It's really starting to look good... This is a great website...

  9. Hey guys sign me up... And I promise... Nothing "TOO" crazy! ?

  10. Kittyhawk anyone?

  11. I just added three pictures of P-40 Kittyhawks. The British and Russian's called their later model planes that. I think it's from the P-40D and onwards.

    Good call George. Thanks again for another brilliant addition.

  12. Cats? Well now there is a Testors Bearcat and 2 Monogram Panthers in my stash. I assume I can finish one or both by the New Year. So I guess I'm aboard with the cat idea.

    • Ok sounds great Tom!

      I just edited the main article to reflect George's idea about extending this to the next Chinese New Year which falls on February 16th, 2018. This will allow even more time for the group build.

      If these "Cat" planes you mentioned turn out anything like your Midway Group builds have, then they will be really awesome !

      Thanks again my friend.

  13. Great! Like Ferry, this is my 1st iMod build. I'm looking forward to it!

  14. Great theme Louis! And with that time scale I'll be able to recover from the trauma of fitting the cockpit into the Nichimo Jake for the Midway group build! Cool for cats! Count me in, even though I have no clue what I'll build yet!

    • 11 members now and still going strong !
      I'm really looking forward to your Jake. The last in progress photos were great !
      Thanks my friend ... I'm sure that something will strike your fancy.

  15. Great idea -Must be be done - P-40 Kittyhawk III, 'Wairarapa Wildcat' - its in the stash somewhere!

  16. Count me in. Jaguar is the first thing that comes to mind, but I'm gonna search my stash database and see if there isn't something unusual in there that may have a feline reference...!

    • 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 We have a winner ! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

      The magical number 13 has arrived ! This was the number I randomly picked as whether or not the Group Build would go or not...

      13 members and still growing strong ...

      A Jag would be a great choice Greg. If it turns out anything like your SBD has, we will have another masterpiece to look at.

      Thanks again my friend.

  17. I've got a big old Catalina in the stash...

    • Awesome news David. You could do that one too if you wanted too. Just refer to it as a "CAT" alina... 🙂

      The pair of F6F's you're currently starting would be another great subject to start out with. I've been working on my PBY some today.

      Thanks again my friend.

  18. Hey, Louis, maybe you can compile a "catalogue" of all the suggested "kits"?

    • I was thinking that as long as it was somehow "Cat" or "Feline" related in some fashion it would work. Right now I'm still in the planning stages.

      I may end up doing a "Cat"alogue... sorry for the cheap pun... I just had too... 🙂

  19. Well, it looks like we have had a great response with this idea. I sincerely appreciate everyone's enthusiasm for the next Group Build project.

    So as soon as the smoke clears from the Midway Group Build, I will start up a new one and it will be called "The Year of the Cat"... It will probably happen around the middle of June.

    I may ask several of you guys for assistance or ask you questions / request honest input / feedback etc..

    I have had the help of Chuck Villanueva during the Midway build. He has been a very valuable and knowledgeable person during this one.

    So if you're looking at this, Thanks Chuck !

    And I sincerely thank all of you for your enthusiasm and words of encouragement for the next Group build we do. I'm looking forward to it. If it turns out like the Midway build has, it will really be a good one...

    Now lets start picking out or subjects... Like in the Midway build, everyone will be welcome. Multiple entries will be allowed too.

    Thanks again !

  20. Would a Du-cat-i work? 🙂

  21. Du-cat-is purrrr like a tuned kitten! 😉

  22. Thanks Louis, was sitting back and reading all the comments on this amazing idea. Jaguar seems to be a good subject like the SEPECAT kind, so I am thinking on maybe doing this project with the new Kitty Hawk kit. Which will be enough time to build it as according to the reviews it may be labor intensive. So I'm in with a double whammy

    a Kitty Hawk Jaguar in Desert Storm RAF colors...Desert Pink. And if motivated a USS Kittyhawk Cv-63 carrier may come into mind. It has been a long time building a ship.

  23. Also how about a theme song, Al Stewarts Year of the Cat, good song that goes along with the subject at hand.

  24. Hello Louis, that's a a great idea and because I have an already half-finished Eduard Profipack F6-5N Hellcat (or Nightcat?) in my stash I can give my own to this group build. This dateline at next year's february seems doable even for me too (i have an annoyingly slow building pace, maybe the slowest ever) and before that cat i want to finish two "refugees" from my shelf of doom for some practicing, but yeah I think I'm ready for the task 🙂 and this is my first group build at iModeler too...honestly my first group build i participate ever. cheers, Milan

  25. Thank you for the reply. This sounds like a great plan that you have with your Night fighter Hellcat. I will be looking forward to seeing your build. Thanks again and I hope to hear from you soon. Take care my friend.

  26. Hey Louis
    As this is the 'Year of the Cat', would a 'Flying Tiger' qualify ?


  27. Meow! Since I blew Midway/Aleutians, I'll see what I can do for cats.

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