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Late War Bf-109G-10 in 1/48 Scale

This is 's ProfiPack series Bf-109G-10 as built by the Wiener Neustädter Flugzeugwerke (WNF) factory with the enlarged wooden tail. My example has been finished as a very JG/51 aircraft 'Rosemarie' which was roughly repainted in the field after being transferred from JG/52 when the latter was disbanded near the end of the war. As such, it is reasonably representative of 109s in the Spring of 1945 as the war in Europe ground to its bloody end.

The kit is a good one generally speaking, continuing in Eduard's tradition of making superb 109s in scale. Unusually, however, the decals were a complete nightmare in this kit - being both fragile due to very thin printing and also exceptionally sticky, meaning that they constantly tried to fold on themselves, tear and stick before I could position them right. All in all, not 100% happy with this build but hope you like it despite imperfections.

Build video here:

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  1. As a 109aolic without any chance of recovery, let mensagem that your G-10 looks very very nice from here. Sometimes Eduard’s decals have that tendency to “glue” almost instantly, I felt it also particularly in small stencil decals, and the only way to solve it is using lots of warm water and lots of cursing, well at least to me it works;-) Good work there Justin

    • It's the first time I've had real trouble from Eduard decals - good to know it wasn't just me being useless... I certainly deployed the 'lots of cursing' technique, in addition to begging and cajoling whilst plying them with decal softener to try and wrest errantly glued decals free. Thanks Pedro!

  2. It looks pretty good to me Justin - nice work!
    Shame about the decals being a pain but it looks as though 'lots of cursing technique' worked out pretty well !
    I have used it it plenty of times my self.

  3. Great work, Justin. All the cursing converged to perfection!
    I usually put a drop or so of future at the surface the decal is supposed to go, especially with "suspiciously" thin decals. It gives them a chance to flow for a couple of minutes. Have you tried it?
    All the best, my friend!

  4. Justin, very nice 109, too bad about your trouble with the decals. I too have had some problems with Eduard kit decals. The decals for the Hellcats I built were excellent however the Yaks were horrible. I had thought it had been resolved with their newer kits, maybe not. Either way your patients and modeling skills paid off, this look's great. Well done!

  5. You have to have the surface of the model wet when you apply an Eduard decal, in order to get it to move successfully.

    That said, This model turned out very nice, and your others also. Nice collection.

    One other trick with Eduard 109s is to just cut off that molded-on pitot tube. It's just going to get broken in assembly/painting no matter how careful you are. Make a mounting hole at the appropriate position with the tip of a #11 blade, then use the separate pitot tube that's on the sprues. Doing so will lessen the cursing. If you still have the box with the sprues, the pitot is still there and you can do a 'save" now.

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