Opel blitz 3 t with flak 38

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The Tamiya model, whose mold is from 2008, is simple with a correct exploded view and a lot of finesse in detail. In its assembly, following the photos of the time, I removed the sides of the box and built with plastic sheets stringers screwed to the box that prevent the movement or fall of the load, as well as the frame made of wood where the Flak is attached 38. I carved dents and scratches on the bodywork and built, thanks to the photoengraving, the trailer box that goes over the flakviering gun carriage. I detailed its interior placing various equipment, especially jerry cams and ammo boxes.
I am in love with artillery pieces and Dragon Fakviering does not disappoint. Of course, it is necessary to improve it by adding the aluminum barrel and the super-detailed and fine details, (for example the front armor) that the Lion Roar gravure provides.

The painting

I thoroughly studied the existing photographs of the DAK vehicles and played with the "chipping" to represent the successive overlays of various colors: the sand color RAL 8000 Gelbbraun or Grünbraun (XF49 from Tamiya) and the RAL 8020 Sandbraun (Tamiya XF60) repainted over the initial panzer gray. With the lacquer technique, I carried out various chips that showed the successive layers of paint until the initial gray. The interior of the cabin maintains the gray color.

Regarding "weathering", it must be borne in mind that the climate in the desert is very dry, so oxides cannot be abused. However dust is a constant. You have to use generous powders both with an airbrush and with pigments and oils.

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6 responses

  1. Excellent models Vicente. Nice video presentation, too.

  2. You really did honor to this kit! Great build and weathering!

    This was my take at the Italeri version of this vehicle some years ago:

    There is no truck more epic than the Opel Blitz!

  3. Hello Vincente,
    You are a very talented modeler. This Opel Blitz is absolutely stunning.
    Regards, Derek.

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