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Korea: The Forgotten War

May 27, 2020 · in News · · 34 · 2.2K
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  1. Idea for a new Group Build. “Korea, the Forgotten War”
  2. Korea: The Forgotten War
  3. Korea: The Forgotten War group build is now active.

Good evening everyone. This is a friendly reminder that our new upcoming will start in a little less than a month from now on June 25th. With Memorial Day recently observed here in the USA, there's no better time than now to post a small reminder about our upcoming event.

This newest group build is not intended to compete with our ever growing “Empire of Japan” group, instead it's going to be running at the same time. This will be true for approximately the first year.

It will follow the exact number of days, only ours is 70 years behind. “, the Forgotten War” will last for a little over 3 years and will end on July 27th of 2023.

Any subject can be built. Armor, aircraft, ships and artillery. If it was used by either side during this conflict it can be built.

There's no totally new build requirements. This is to allow us the opportunity to complete projects that would otherwise still be languishing on our “shelf of doom”. I have a few of these myself...

So if you haven't done so, please start thinking about what project (s) you want to build for this epic event.

Let's get together and do our part to ensure that the men and women who served there are not “forgotten” as they have been in our past.

Thanks go out for everyone who has participated in our very successful “Empire of Japan” GB, and to those who have yet to join in on the fun.

Take care and stay safe.

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  1. I am definitely in on this build!

    • Thanks Morne. Your F-80 build journal is nothing less than spectacular !

      If by some chance you don’t have it completed by June 25th, you are more than welcome to come over and add it to the group. There’s no restrictions for having multiple builds, so you can build as much and as often as you want to.

      Personally I have several builds slated for this group. I hope that it’s as successful as our recent Empire of Japan has been.

      Thanks for the support.

      • I am aiming to have the F-80 ready by 25 June the day the Korean War started. Is 25 June the starting date for the group build and can we start posting as part of the group build from the 25th?

        • Absolutely Morne. @mornem

          In fact it would really be an honor to kick off the group build with your F-80.

          Let’s plan for that. You post your article about your F-80 and then we will make the announcement that the group build is now open for business.

          What a great way to start the group !


  2. Definitely will join with several projects, air and ground. This will be one where will see so many members contribute with all kinds of hardware. Think how successful the EOJ GB is with just Japanese equipment. The Korean war will certainly give us so much more on both sides. This will be a good one.

    • Hello Chuck, @uscusn
      Great minds must think alike... for I too have several subjects I want to tackle, and a few builds that I need to finish. This will be the perfect opportunity to do both. I am very pleased with how the Empire of Japan group build has been going for us, and if this Korean War build follows in the same foot steps I will be more than happy. There is an amazing amount of things that could be built for this one... Just think about what all was used on both sides, The UN and the Communist Forces had a wide variety of objects that could be chosen to build.

      Thanks for the continued support my friend.

  3. A bit out of my comfortzone, but with a month to go and a duration of 3 years - bring it on! If nothing else I will be following on the sideline, learning a lot as usual!

  4. Looking forward to this one, Louis. I have a couple of plans bubbling in my modeling brain for this build group.

    What a great way to honor those who served during this time. I hope to do the UN-forgotten justice.

    • Gary, @gwskat
      I am looking forward to this group build as well. Since my Dad was a combat veteran who served during the War, this particular group build has a very special meaning to me. It's our duty to remember those who served, so that what they endured and accomplished does not become lost to history.

      Like you, I have several ideas that come to mind... and a special M-26 Pershing that I need to finish. Thanks for commenting and the continued support.

  5. What a great Idea, Louis. I am definitely in!

  6. I've got a few in the queue for this one.. and plenty of time to build!

    • Hello Andrew, @pb_legend
      Like you I have several in store for this upcoming adventure... The nice thing is that we shouldn't be pressed for time, and we will have time to build more than one entry should we have the desire to do so... Three years, a month, and a few days to be exact.

    • Robert, @roofrat
      If your upcoming entry(s) are anything like the snazzy little biplane you built for or Empire of Japan group, then we are in for a real treat... Thanks for the support buddy.

  7. Being of Korean origin, this forgotten war has some personal significance to me so I'm in.

    • Dan, @dbdlee
      My Dad was a combat veteran during the Korean War. Dad served in armor and in the infantry as a foot soldier. He never really talked about his experience with me until the last few weeks of his life. What he told me then about some of the things that he saw, did, and went through still haunt me to this very day. I can only imagine what it must have been like for him...It was horrible for the veterans who served there and even more so for the civilians that were caught up in the middle.

      I thank you for your interest and I’ll be looking forward to seeing your project(s) come to life.

      Thanks again and take care.

  8. This is one of my main interest areas, Louis. God willing, I’ll be able to do multiples over the next three years.

    • Thanks John, @j-healy
      Over the more recent years, my interest has grown in this area too. Now the more I learn about the Korean War, the more I want to learn. Lets hope that we all can build as much as we want to... Welcome aboard John.

  9. I´ll be happy to join as well.

  10. Count me in, Louis! Across three years even I may finish a couple of builds!

  11. Count me in as well louis , I've had this beauty on the shelf for years and keep letting all the glazing put me off ! but now is it's time to shine , I'll finish the scooter first though.

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

    • Hello again Neil, @neil-foster
      That’s an amazing choice for the upcoming group build. I’m hoping that we will get more stuff from the various other countries that were part of the UN Forces, and that it’s not all concentrated on just the US equipment. I have an old Hobby Craft Sea Fury that has been pulling me ever closer. You just never know ! It’s going to be starting later this month so please stay tuned for the announcement in the headlines section.

      June 25th is right around the corner.

      It’s great to hear from you. Stay safe and healthy.

  12. Louis @lgardner, Haven't decided what I'm going to build for this yet. I do actually have a few kits in my stash that would work.

    Just in case others are interested but are not sure of what to build, here is a decent list of A/C used during the conflict. As a precautionary note, DO verify your selection prior to commitment. I am only providing the link and have not verified it.

    Another list, this one from Wikipedia:

    • James, @jamesb
      Thanks for posting these links. I'm sure it will be of help for many of us who are looking for something special to build.

      I have several ideas for upcoming builds, and like you the stash is full of possibilities...Lately I have been eyeballing a Yak -9 and have scrounged up some North Korean markings for it... My Dad was there when we (USMC and US Army) took the Kimpo Airfield right after the Inchon landing, and these photos were taken there showing some Yak's that have seen better days.

      I'm looking forward to seeing what you will bring to the table. If it's anything like your Glen Miller tribute build, we are all in for a real treat...

      Thanks again my friend. Take care and stay safe buddy.

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