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Idea for a new Group Build. “Korea, the Forgotten War”

This article is part of a series:
  1. Idea for a new Group Build. “Korea, the Forgotten War”
  2. Korea: The Forgotten War
  3. Korea: The Forgotten War group build is now active.

I have several ideas for future group builds. This is one of them. I will post a different article for each one soon.

It will start on June 25th, 2020, and end a little more than 3 years later on July 27th, 2023. This will follow the actual dates of the conflict, but it will be 70 years later.

You heard that right. This would be a three year group build.

I wanted to wait until after other group builds have had a chance to wind down or even complete so as not to distract from them.

Here’s what I have in mind for the first one, and how it would work:

Anything that was used in the conflict from either side can be modeled.

Armor, aircraft, ships and weapons of any sort are fair game, as long as it actually was used during the “police action” as it has been called.

So if you have any ideas for future builds on the UN or Communist forces now would be the perfect time.

I might need assistance with moderating this one due to the extended length it will run. This should also give us ample time to get several things built should you chose to participate in this.

Anything that is not completely done can be included, as this might help clear that “shelf of doom” we all seem to have. This means if you have any eligible builds started you now have a great excuse to finish them.

This is truly a “forgotten” war. The people who fought and died there deserved to be remembered. Some never made it back home and are still listed as “Missing In Action” to this very day.

My Dad was one of those “Chosin Few” or “Frozen Chosen” as they have been called. He served with the US Army right beside the Marines there. Only 385 able bodied men from his Regiment made it all the way back to the port of Hungnam from east of the Chosin reservoir. Most of the men in his unit were either killed, captured, or wounded then evacuated. There were a lot of cold weather injuries suffered as well.

It was brutal and the extremely cold weather made it even worse.

The actions by the US Army just north and east of the reservoir helped the USMC “attack in the other direction”. Unfortunately this isn’t widely known.

The Group Build will be a way for us to remember the men and women who served on both sides of the conflict. We might even learn more about this War in the process.

Please let me know what you think about this idea, and if you’re interested in helping out should this thought become a reality.

As always comments are encouraged.

Thanks !

63 responses to Idea for a new Group Build. “Korea, the Forgotten War”

  1. Absolutely. I would participate in this in a heartbeat.

  2. I need a group build to get my modeling blood flowing for the new year. I have a few subjects I could do for this. I got a re-release kit of the old Revell F4U-4 kit with the idea of building it as Ensign Jesse Brown’s corsair.

    • Hey Michael, @smrjpaqu899
      It looks like I might have hit a nerve with this Korean War idea. I am very happy to hear all of the positive responses. This just might be what you need to get the heart pumping a little faster………………

      I’m sure that the F4U will be well represented. There are so many choices with markings for this plane alone. Jesse Brown and Thomas Hudner’s planes are some great examples of what we can build.

  3. Great Idea, happy to join!

    • Michel, @michel-verschuere
      and I would be honored to have you join this group……………….. I can see it now. A M-26 Pershing and a T-34 squaring off at “The Bowling Alley”………. There are lots of options here.

      As a side note, most of the names of battles in the Korean War were kind of gruesome. The bowling alley got it’s name because it was a straight road. Men advanced right down the lane………. and were knocked down like bowling pins. I could tell you a whole lot more about the “Punchbowl” and “Pork Chop Hill”…………and how they earned their names.

      • This GB also does honor to my country. Nowadays depicted as a ‘forgotten war’ yet over 100 Belgians fell in this UN conflict. The association of veterans still has a site:

        The cold must have been terrifying, I am sure there is plenty of subjects.
        Count me in Louis!

        • This is fantastic news Michel, and you are definitely counted as being a member even before it has officially started. @michel-verschuere

          Now I will be counting down the days until it starts. Thank you for providing the link to your Veteran’s Association. I spent some time looking through it earlier today. We have a saying over here in the States, and it goes like this: “All gave some, Some gave all”. There couldn’t be a more truthful expression…………… I sincerely thank you again for joining us on our venture………………..

          • I will do something with exactly your GB picture!

            1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  4. Count me in, Louis. Let me know if you need any help, I’ll be happy to do what I can. Got a bunch of projects that would fit this one just fine!

    • Hello Jaime !!! @jetmex
      I am looking forward to this Group Build, and the more I read the responses, the more excited I am becoming. There’s a strong possibility I will need an assistant, or even more, as I don’t know what the future holds with how Sandy does with her cancer battle.

      Because of this, times are occasionally scary and I’ll leave it at that. I try to spend as much time with her as I can. She’s been an angel to me, plus she’s a real trooper. A tough little lady………….. So please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. That’s why I haven’t been too busy at the bench this year, as in the previous years. There might be times when I need some help, so I will let you know.

      Thanks bud !!!

  5. With a 3-year window to get it done, what’s not to like! I haven’t built much for the Korean conflict, but have ample subjects in the stash that could make it to this party. I’m in…

    • Greg @gkittinger
      This sounds like a plan……………. and I can’t wait to see what you bring to the table. Maybe we all can get some models built that we otherwise wouldn’t have. You’re officially now in the group my friend. All signed up, ready to go, and waiting for June……… Start doing your homework !!! LOL

  6. Louis my friend, though it’s not my cup of tea as modeling subject , a 3 year Korean conflict GB is sooo long than even people like me can join in and finish a project 🙂
    I have no idea as to which model I’ll use but I can assure you that it will have wings and will be added sometime in 2021, because my work bench seems already a bit overcrowded for the current year.

    • Hello Pedro, @holzhamer
      I know that you are mainly a Luftwaffe builder, so having you joining this group is special. Thanks my friend !!!
      I’m sure that you will find something that sparks your interests. Personally, Besides the “leftover” propeller planes like the F4U and Mustang, I like the early jets from this era………….. The MiG-15 and the Sabre both took advantage of the swept wing technology that the Germans originally incorporated into the Me-262 and Me-163 Komet. There were also some leftover WW2 Japanese planes used in the Korean conflict too. I have a few color photos showing various Japanese biplane trainers with South Korean markings on them………… There are lots of options here.

      Thanks again.

  7. My BFAM Louis,

    This “sold me” when you wrote “This is truly a “forgotten” war. The people who fought and died there deserve to be remembered. Some never made it back home and are still listed as “Missing In Action” to this very day.”

    Amen, Brother. So mote it be.

    With a 3 year timeline, even I may be able to contribute SOMETHING. Here’s a salute to the “frozen” or forgotten …


    • Jeff, @mikegolf
      I was hoping to hear from you with this build. I agree that with a 3 year window, there’s (hopefully) no reason why we can’t get one or even more builds done.

      My Dad told me about the landscape in Korea. He said the country was relatively small in size…….. Then he added something like this: “If you could flatten that damned place out, it would be bigger that the state of Texas !!!” He said that when he came home, he was like a mountain goat………. One leg was longer than the other from running up and down the mountains !!! He was kidding of course.

      You being a former US Army veteran (like myself) understand exactly why this Group Build needs to be done. If others don’t understand what we are talking about, all they need to do is stop by the local VA hospitals and just look around at the veterans who are there. Freedom is not free.

      My Dad also said the WW2 veterans got a huge parade when they came home. He told me bitterly, that he never even got a single hand shake when he got home. He said that’s why they call it the “Forgotten War” No one other than those who were there knows what it was really like. Dad started opening up to me about the things he saw and did over there in his last few weeks of life. The things he told me………. man. He told me that his own mother called him a liar because things awful bad like that just couldn’t have happened. I can only imagine what he and the others went through.

      Return salute to the “Frozen”…………….

      Catch ya later my BFAM / CDAT.

      • Agreed, Brother Louis!
        I’m thinking of what you mentioned going on between your Dad & his Mom … many folks would be aghast at what goes on in a war & Korea was especially gritty. I’m not sure WHY, but I know it was. My own step-dad wasn’t in Korea even though his Army career began early in 1942 & lasted 33 years, including 2 tours in Viet Nam, when we weren’t ‘officially’ there. He told me some things he’d heard about Korea from friends he had who were there.
        Anyway, I hope to get my – uhhhh – posterior in gear to some modeling done instead of simply talking/planning/etc about it!

        • Jeff, @mikegolf

          My Dad told me some horrible stories about Korea on his death bed. He kept this stuff bottled up inside him for all these years. You could see and feel the pain he had when he spoke about it.

          You could also see the hurt in his face when he told me that our Grandma accused him of making it all up. She called him a liar to his face. So Dad simply got up and left……… he never talked to her again for many years.

          I was holding his hand when he died, and I take comfort in knowing that at least he was able to get some of these things off his chest and he was able to cross over to the other side knowing that.

  8. Count me in! Looking forward to this one.

    • Hey James !!! @jamesb
      You’re now officially part of the group………….. I’m also looking forward to seeing how this group build comes along, and what kind of models we see on the benches. The main reason I wanted to do this was to remember the veterans who were there, and those that are unfortunately still there.

      I have always said that Freedom is not Free.

      • Louis @lgardner, my best friend from High School’s Father was a Marine during that conflict. He survived and then join the Air Force, serving 4 years in Germany where my friend spent his childhood. His Dad was like a second father to me. I’m kind of pump about this GB.

        • James, @jamesb
          I have heard several instances of men leaving one branch of the military and joining another. Dad even told me about how he almost joined the USMC…….. Like you, I also have some projects planned for this one, and I can guarantee you that I am just as pumped up about this one as you are. Thanks for sharing your story with us. It seems that we all have one person in our lives that wasn’t a family member…………… but “should” have been.

  9. I will also a bit late to the party, but I’m in. Will also roll up my sleeves and will help as well with the GB. Already have several projects in mind for both sides in the air and on the ground. Looking forward to the launch. Maybe start a series which led up to the conflict. Just a thought and idea.

    • This is a great idea Chuck !!! @uscusn

      Like I mentioned to Jaime, I will most likely need help with this………….. So if you don’t mind, I’ll ask you guys for assistance with this before we even get it going. I don’t want it to take of and then me drop the ball should something happen. I want a contingency backup plan, and I will gladly accept the offer.

      Thank you my friend. I’m looking forward to what you have in store for us…………..

  10. Three years!? I just might get something done!! I do have a couple of Sabres and a F-84G that need buildin’. (Maybe an excuse to get my F3D done and buy the Modelsvit F-82 if out in time!) Starts on my 45th birthday too!

    • I want one of those F-82 models myself! I just heard about them. They’re not on the company’s website yet. Years ago (decades, actually) I built one of the 1/72nd models by (I think) Monogram.
      It really made an impression on me at the time!

    • That would be great to have the F-82 out in time, Modelsvit take note!

    • Hey Josh !!! @jpatt1000
      If I happen to forget, let me wish you a Happy Birthday now even though it’s early. I’m not good with things like this ………… sorry.

      I can see some Sabre jets, Panthers, a F-84 or two, a Yak-9,

      maybe a P-51 and even another MiG or two coming out of the “Iron Werks”. There just might even be that B-29 we talked about a few months ago. If I painted the lower half in black, it would take less foil !!!! Then I have some Sherman’s and a few M-46 / M-26, M-3 half track, T-34 tanks to toss in the mix…………….. There could even be a Sea Fury, Seafire, or another FAA build in the mix…… my Grand Phoenix Firefly kit with a few mods. We definitely have options here as there’s a lot to chose from.

      That F-82 just might make it for the GB as well…………….but mine is the horrible Modelcraft kit. Thanks for jumping in, and by the sounds of things, we will have a very good turn out !!! You have picked some fine ones for the Group………….. I’m sure we will have some fun with it along the way. Take care my friend, and I will be looking forward to what you have in store for us. I’m really getting stoked now !!!

  11. Hey! @lgardner
    Do we know yet if this 3 year project has been approved yet? Who decides and have you heard from him/them?

    Inquiring minds want to know!

    • Jeff @mikegolf
      I have sent several messages to the admin here on Imodeler, asking permission to do this. Since it was going to be such a long term build, I wanted to make sure that everyone was on board with the thought, and I got prior approval well in advance.

      It was met with enthusiasm and approved. The only request made by one admin member was to keep the “Images of war” to a minimum…………

  12. Well Louis with a 3 year build I should be able to complete something to contribute to this group. Looking at my stash I do have the following Korea subjects: M-8 Greyhound, M-7 Priest, F9F-5P Panther, F-80 Shooting Star, B-29 Super Fortress, and a F-84G Thunder jet. The only thing keeping me from building the B-29 is at 1/48 scale it’s really big. So you can say I’m on board as well.

    • What if HK does a 1/32 B-29? At this point I wouldn’t tell anyone they were dreaming if they brought it up!

    • Hello Tom !!! @tom-bebout
      Thanks for the response, and by the looks of things, you are covering the bases……… A B-29 would be just the ticket for this………… I was thinking about doing one too, but like you said, they do take up some room.

      Welcome aboard Sir !!! hand salute………….

      Can you imagine how big a 1/32 B-29 would be ???? You never would have expected a Lancaster in this scale a few years ago………….. The 1/48 scale B-36 isn’t exactly “tiny” either …… but now we have that one too. Never say never.

  13. I’m in. The KW is one of my main areas of interest and I will definitely build a few kits to participate over the next 3 years.

  14. I’m in. My late Dad was a US Marine that fought through the Frozen Chosin in a 105mm battery.

    • Mike, @mrieth
      Who knows ??? There’s a very, very slight / slim chance that your Dad and mine may have crossed paths at some point, as my late Dad was there at Inchon, went through Seoul attached to the Marines, and later the Chosin reservoir too. These guys need to be remembered, not just by you and I, but by many. This will be our way of doing this. For their honor…………………….

      Thanks for signing up. I sincerely appreciate this. Like you, this Group will have a special meaning for me. My Dad served in several Armor and Infantry units during the War. He was a tanker and a grunt.

  15. I’m in as well! My dad was in the Navy as part of the Inchon invasion. I want to build another of the boats (an LCM-6) from his ship. And if I can finish that, then I have several aircraft from the conflict as well.

    • Hello Gary, @wiley2770
      I’m pleased to hear that you will join us too…………… My late Dad was there at Inchon and was part of the invasion force. I’m fairly certain that he landed as part of the 7th Division. He was a tanker and a grunt. Dad’s primary MOS was “Heavy Weapons / Infantry”.

      Later in his service, Dad was Special Forces and was part of the 39th Group in Berlin. I’m fairly certain at this point in his career, he was HQ / HQ 6th Infantry…………..He served in the Army until 1962. This was when they were going to send him to a little place called “Vietnam” as an advisor, teaching the South Vietnamese how to fight. It was then he called it quits and got out for good.

      He said he did his time in rice paddies, and saw the writing on the wall……… If he didn’t do this, I might not be here today. Only God knows……………

      I’ll be looking forward to seeing your boat, and it will be even better if you can add some planes later. Thanks for sharing your interests.

  16. Hey Louis, I may as well join in, a couple of things in the stash, I don’t have the kit for HMAS Warramunga as yet, also previously built Mustang and Firefly !!

    10 attached images. Click to enlarge.

    • Allan, @kalamazoo
      It would be wonderful if you would join us in June. You definitely have done a fine job with your builds. The Mustang and the Firefly are amazing !!!! I can only imagine how the other kits you posted will look when you build them up too………………. and I’ll see you in June !!! Thanks for taking the leap with the rest of us. Take care.

  17. Louis I like this idea very much. I have so many Korean War aircraft that this will surely be one awesome group build. I am in on this one!! I will start with an AD-4 Skyraider for sure!

    • Hello Morne, @mornem
      Welcome to the upcoming Korean War group build. I will definitely be looking forward to seeing your additions soon. You always build some very nice things and I like reading the articles you write. In fact late last night I was reading the Korean War South African F-51 article and noticed that you have a wonderful picture of LT. Daniel “Chappie” James standing next to his Mustang. That would be a nice idea for a build too.

      Thanks again and I’ll be talking about this stuff again with you soon. I’m pleased to hear that you are going to be joining the new group build in June.

      • I have already started the 1/48 AD-4. It will be the famous VA-195 “kitchen sink” bomber. Using the excellent Tamiya Skyraider and adding parts from the Esci/Italeri AD-1. Already scratchbuilt the kitchen sink! So looking forward to this group build. I have a Tigercat, Corsair, Panther, Banshee, Sabre, Thunderjet, Shooting Star, Mustang, Sea Fury, Supermarine Seafire and B-29 in the stash. Choices!!! If only I can build them all!!!

        • Morne, @mornem
          This sounds fantastic !!! Wonderful news…………. All of the kits you mentioned are worthy subjects.

          Since the group build will last just a little more than 3 years, there’s a good chance that we can each build more than one. I plan on building several models myself, but it will depend on how “life” goes as to what I actually get done.

          Your AD-1 sounds like a fun little project in itself. If by chance you don’t have it completed, you can post it up as part of the Group, since unfinished builds will be allowed. It will not be a requirement to start out with a brand new build from the very beginning. I chose to go this route so we can help to clear out that shelf of doom…………….. I have one of them myself.

          If you cant finish them all in your list, there’s a good chance you can make several from it.

          Welcome aboard !!!

  18. This will be the first of the Korean War aircraft that I will be building, the workhorse of the US Navy, the AD-4 Skyraider. I will convert a Tamiya Skyraider to a Korean War AD-4L using parts from the Esci/Italeri kit. I decided on the famous “kitchen sink” bomber from VA-195. Three of their AD-4’s were photographed carrying the “kitchen sink” but AD-4 Modex 507, Buno unknown, dropped it over Pyongyang in August 1952.

    3 attached images. Click to enlarge.

    • I have seen pictures of the US Navy Skyraider that dropped a toilet in Vietnam………… It even had the US Navy “E” for excellence painted on the side of it !!! That brought a smile to my face.

      Here we are…………….the group build hasn’t even started yet, and I just learned something new……… I never realized the kitchen sink had been dropped earlier in Korea. Thanks for posting this.

      You picked a great plane to build right from the start. Well done Morne !!! @mornem

      • I finished scratchbuilding the sink and strike camera. The bombs will be sourced from the Tamiya kit. The armour plating on the sides of the Tamiya kit will be removed as well as various other bits and pieces that are not part of the AD-4L. This should be a relatively stress free build.

        3 attached images. Click to enlarge.

        • Tracking the BuNo of the AD-4L that flew the mission to Pyongyang in August 1952 has been a year long search using sources from the Smithsonian and even the US Navy archives all unable to provide me the BuNo. Jim Sullivan provided me with a photo of 507 parked on the deck of an aircraft carrier but again the BuNo is not clear on the photo. Digitally enhancing the photo gave at least some clarity to say with a reasonable degree of accuracy that 507’s BuNo was 124005. This particular aircraft was a Skyraider modified to an AD-4L. All VA-195’s Skyraiders were upgraded to AD-4L’s in 1952.

          • Hello Morne, @mornem

            Jim Sullivan has helped me out on several occasions with a few F4U questions. He is a genuine stand up fellow. Your kitchen sink is complete with the plumbing just as the original was ………… I have always been impressed with your scratch building skills. Your Beaufighter work, Rodney Williams and Marc Barris with his numerous complete from the ground up aircraft scratch builds have encouraged me to attempt a little of this type of work on my Monogram B-24 “Tubarao”, which is Portuguese for shark. Now I have taken the plunge and started work on the landing gear bays.

            Thanks for posting the updates on you AD-4. If you don’t mind, when the time comes, I may ask you about the differences between the AD-4’s that were used in Korea, and the later versions that were used in Vietnam. I have a set of decals for “Sock it to em” and “Little Annie Fanny” from Vietnam.

            But I also wanted to build a Korean War version is overall glossy sea blue. I would have to cobble together a decal set for it or if I can find one that would be the best option.

            I have a Tamiya Skyraider, and an older Monogram kit, both in 1/48 scale. My Tamiya kit is the US Navy version……….. if that makes a difference. I don’t know which way would be the best route, or if I should simply purchase another USAF Tamiya kit from the Vietnam era.

          • Hi Louis. I am looking forward to your B-24 as I also have the Monogram kit in my stash. The Monogram kits are great kits that with a bit of TLC build into very nice kits. My Beaufighter is awaiting some extra resin bits and pieces so she has been shelved for the moment. When building your Skyraider take note that the Tamiya USAF and USN Skyraiders are basically the same. The USAF have additional weapons only. Easy to convert the Tamiya kit to Korean era AD-1 to AD-4 versions. Main difference is the centreline pylon is internal and the pylons immediately next to the landing gear is a different shape. You can scratchbuild them or source it from the Italeri Skyraider kit. The centreline pylon only had sway braces that protruded from underneath the fuselage. AD-4 L’s were winterized variants with de-icer boots on the leading edge. Some were turned into nightfighter variants with a second crew member seated inside the fuselage behind and below the pilot. Italeri released an ASW version that can be canabalised to build a nightfighter version. One of these nightfighters scored a confirmed and one probable kill against Polikarpov biplanes (Bedcheck Charlie). These kills were made by Marine pilots and were the Skyraider’s only kills in Korea. The A-1H and A-1J were the Vietnam-era versions.

  19. Hey, Louis.

    A great idea. Sad to say I don’t have much chance of actually building anything anytime soon – but if you don’t mind me trying out for the cheerleading team…I’m right behind you!



    • David @dirtylittlefokker

      My dear friend,
      It’s so wonderful to hear from you. I completely understand and I would definitely be honored if you would even just cheer a little from the sidelines.

      Nope, scratch that……………..In fact you have now been officially hired as the cheer leading team leader for this upcoming Group Build. It will last for a little over 3 years so if things change, you might be able to actively participate. If not, we will be happy with your moral support.

      Please feel free to drop in anytime you want !!!!

      You just made my day………. Thanks buddy.

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