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MY PHOTO STUDIO 1984-2016.

Here are 4 digital images of my photo studio. As a retired professional photographer and model builder I made this simple set up to take "top-quality" photos of my finished models.
I used my six foot long by 3 foot wide fold-up table as my work station & "photo-studio."

I bought 2'x3'x1/32" colored paper at the "Dollar-Store." It is also sold @Walmart here in America, however Walmart charges about twice as much for the sheets of paper over the "dollar" cost @Dollar Store.

I just pin the paper to my wooded rack that is standing up-right on the back of my work table, then roll it down and tape it to the front top on the work table.

I have used two movable lamps and adjust them to different angles so I can get my best photo. I HAVE USED THE 100 WATT "COMPACT FLUORESCENT BULBS" IN MY TWO SWIVAL LAMPS FOR A COUPLE OF DECADES.

Experiment... If i can do it... So can you!

3 additional images. Click to enlarge.

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  1. Rodney, we use the same photo studio! I just use a sheet of white poster board that I clip using clothes pins to a 2 x 3 sheet of plexiglass that I use as a cutting board. I curve it like yours and clip it on top to some shelves behind my workbench. Works great.

  2. Looks great! Delivers great results too, Rodney!

  3. Very inspiring - I also make use of a sheet and these days a LED long-lamp at work, a pair of ordinary LED- desk lamps for my in-progress, and the good ole' sun for finished builds.

    Thank you for sharing Rodney @f2g1d!

    • My desk lamps give off the same color of light as the sun gives. I'll try sending a digital image of my lights with this reply. RJW

      1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  4. Thanks Guy's: I don't recall when I really started this method of photography as my "in - progress" building photos show lots of other items which distracts my "attention" to what I took a photo of...thus with this final photo lets' the viewer, (you/me) concentrate on only the subject being photographed.

    EG: Who wants to see a finish model with model tools/paint and other stuff in the photo?


  5. That set up looks very familiar to me as well. The price point is very attractive.

  6. Have set-up more or less the same studio, Rodney.
    I usually use one lamp, but two make a lot better lighting conditions, I think.
    Thanks for posting!

    • Hey Spiros...I'll call you Steve for an American name...but Spiros sounds better.

      Anyways ...using just one lamp gives you a contras-shadow so that one side of your subject is in the shadow area. Striate down on the model from above gives you a nice photo and you only have a shadow underneath. With tanks and other armor, it's a different story. The old saying is: "It's my model, so I'll build, paint and take photos of it my way."

      Again thanks!

      1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

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