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Help RequiredMosquito RCAF 418 Squadron

Hi Everyone,

I hoping someone can help me out with a decal sheet for a new project. Long story short is that I walk a dog for my neighbor, a lovely elderly lady who knows about my passion for aviation and history. She told me about her uncle who was pilot in WW2 and flew with the Canadians. Anyway my interest was peaked and looked him up when I got home yesterday and he was Charles Scherf who had 14 kills flying Mossies with 418 squadron. Well that was enough for me and I went looking for decals to make his Mossie and AFAIK, the only decal sheet available with his markings are on Cutting Edge sheet 48122. If anyone has this sheet or even just the actual plane markings I am after would be gladly buy so I can build this Mossie for my neighbour. If I get them will post a full build and add more to the story of Charles Scherf. Thanks Darren

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  1. That's a cool looking Mossie with the nose art, have you tried Hannants ?

  2. got to Fine Art of Decals, which is Dave's site where he sells all the Cutting Edge and Meteor stuff. The sheet is on sale for $29.95 - says he has 11 left.

    Go here and scroll down to it.

    PS - on closer examination it's not specifically that sheet, it's the other 418 sheet, but you can probably cut and trim and get something.

  3. Darren, I will check my stash. I used this set two years ago. I used the markings for Moonbeam McSwine. I will follow up via a PM, hopefully tonight, okay?

  4. Hi Darren: I can send you the markings you need from this sheet for free as I will not be using them. Will need your postal address. Please let me know. Cheers. Bruce Hilton,136 Redford Cres. Stratford, Ontario, Canada N5A1P2

  5. Darren,
    If I had known this fellow was sending the decals I would not have wasted my time going to the PO here in NYC and waiting in line for 20 minutes to do you a favor. So I ended up cutting my whole decal sheet up for nothing.

    If you recall we exchanged private messages where you accepted my offer and gave me your address. I believe I was the first to answer your call for help.

    I do not care about the small postage cost or the decals, but I do believe it is not right to what we call here "double dipping".

    Kevin M. Batterman

  6. Hi Kevin
    I have sent you a pm in regard to the above.

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