MIG-29 SMT in Snow. . . . .

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Hello Everyone. . .

A Mig-29SMT from trumpeter in scale. I had built this model a while back. Now I decided to put this on a base, thus the Diorama. This was my first time doing a diorama, its a small one where I just had to build a Base and merely modifying the MIG I built.

The modifications are :

  1. Missile covers done by Paper. For the R27s and the RVVs, the paper was rolled into a cone and superglued to the missile. Thereafter it was sanded to the desired shape. For the R73s a small square was cut and just pushed on the Nose of the missile giving the shape of a cover. This looked descent enough to pass by in this scale. These were painted red finally.

  2. The Engine intake cover, Upper intake cover and the engine exhaust covers are all done by this plastic sheet. I used a ball pen to get the required embossed effect on these covers. For the upper intakes the walk area was marked by using tamiya masking tape.

  3. The pitot cover was done using paper again and the string was a sewing thread.

  4. Wheel chocks were taken from the Zvezda Kit.

All the weapons, chocks, covers are detachable and are just press fit to the aircraft.

For the snow I used Cotton and Baking Soda.

I hope You guys Like it. Do lemme know for all your suggestions and opinions so I improve in the Future.

For the video, the initial bit is the making of the base. You can JUMP to 05:30 for the Aircraft assembly.
Enjoy and Cheers . . . . ?
Captain Adi

youtu.be/lj7iOWhHWcM · on youtube
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  1. This is great, Captain!
    I might try it in the future too!

  2. This diorama is looking wonderful, Adi.

  3. Vell done @adichaunz. Nice model, base and pictures! The snow is just as I remember it from the good old days when we had some of that 🙂

  4. Great work! The diorama looks really good, and the small additions to the parked aircraft are very nice.

  5. Brrrr, looks cold. Very cold. I know that white stuff very well 🙂

  6. Great diorama Cap! Reminds me of my days serving aircraft in Wisconsin USA.

  7. This is a great diorama! Being an old airframe mechanic,my reference in picturing aircraft is on the ground, and the weather is usually bad when they need service.

  8. Nicely done Adi, looks good and cold !

  9. Many Thanks Everyone ... 😉

  10. I am thrilled! Model(s), presentation and videos are simply ingenious, informative and inspiring - and a pure pleasure to watch!

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