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October 7, 2020 · in Aviation · · 6 · 2.7K

This is my second model. BO-105 is Germany anti tank helicopter. It's quite an old kit, so it's not completely perfect, but it wasn't that bad. Otherwise it is in 1:32 scale. So, I started with the cockpit, it was quite boring, so I added straps (they were taken from another kit that I didn't use) and I also made a headphone console (which is made from various leftovers that I found). Then I got to the engine, which is not even there, it's just a plate with a protrusion for the rotor head, so I put together some components that look at least a little like motor components. Well, then I glued the whole body, which didn't sit well, so the whole body is cemented. And now it's time for the rotor head. The worst part was the fragility of the material. The blades cracked right at my head and I had to think of a way to glue it. Eventually I glued it with tamiya cement. And lastly, I dyed my whole body. the camouflage is simple, so there was no problem with it. At the very end, I put the glasses on, they didn't sit there at all and they didn't even want to hold them properly, so in the end I glued them with a two-component epoxy. So this was my BO-105 building.

Gury 😀

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  1. Your Bo looks great, Gury.
    I can see that you persist on building and finishing regardless of obstacles and mishaps.
    This is really good, ensuring you'll have an excellent modeling progress!
    Well done on this challenging kit!

  2. Looking great, Šimon . @gury
    Besides all the struggles, you gave it a nice finish.
    Did you color those rocket tubes in German colors on purpose?

  3. Sure looks a lot better than my second kit. That adult-quality hand-eye coordination does work, doesn't it?

    Welcome to the hobby.

  4. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    Very nice and acceptable work on this model Šimon .
    Your added detail pay's off.

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