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Mosquito Bomber

I found these two photo’s of a Mosquito W-II bomber showing the entry/exit door. It looks like one door is on the right side and the other photo shows a door on the bottom.

I have no idea if I scribed in a door or re-scribed any kit door panel lines. Today the model is packed in one of my 90 plastic boxes. At 90 years old I’m limited to body movements, so I may get help in moving and finding the model.
I’ll look again at my “bottom” photo and enlarge it on my Apple p.c. and maybe I can see some door panel lines.

1 additional image. Click to enlarge.

8 responses to Mosquito Bomber

  1. The two photo’s are of different marks. The upper one is a fighter-bomber (FB Mk VI) , while the lower is a straight bomber (B Mk IV). Significant differences in the forward fuselage, nose, armament, canopy, bomb bay etc.

  2. Thanks!!!! I really did not pay any attention about the aircraft’s history when I built the models. I just build it for some reason………so thanks for the historical data.


  3. Yes the bomber variant had big differences in the nose area. Also the canopy and joystick were different.
    I would love to make a fighter bomber version of Revells excellent and very good value 1/32 kit but the modifications are beyond my skillset!

  4. Build it, then your “skilset” level will be greatly increased. That”s how I became a better builder!

  5. A real challenge would be one of the ‘633 Squadron’ movie aircraft. A target tug T.T. 35 with a bomber canopy (with extra bulges, no less), bomber nose, 2 stage engines, and a bulged (target tug) bomb bay – all dressed up as an FB VI with fake .303’s. That will stretch the skill sets!

    2 attached images. Click to enlarge.

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