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Tamiya 1/20 Ferrari 312T3

Hi There,

This was picked up in Perth at the Scottish Nationals last year with the idea that it could be a test and learning build for the 3 Ebbro kits that I have lying as I want them to be as good as possible.

I built this kit in my last summer in Dingwall during a Summer holiday from college and so I thought it would be a helpful test subject.

Painted with Mr. Hobby White Primer, AK Extreme Black Base, Aluminium, Polished Aluminium, Chrome, Humbrol Italian Red.
Finished with Alclad Aqua Gloss II.
Decals from Indycals as the kit ones were pretty yellowed.

Due entirely to operator error I made a mess of the sidepod panel deals and so had to use the kit ones, hence the colour difference.
I did find that the Indycal decals gripped immediately on contact and were very difficult to adjust without tearing and stretching so some touching up was necessary around the engine cowl which is visible.
This was probably entirely my fault and the smaller ones went on beautifully.

The car is built as the steed of the Late Great Gilles Villeneuve in my opinion the second greatest racing driver of all time.

As a postscript this nearly didn't happen. As I was taking it to the kitchen to photograph my arthritis decided to play up and it dropped to the floor, smashing into about 20 pieces.
After almost crying I picked up the bits and managed to patch it together the only really visible effect is on the roll bar which has a slight step.

I'm fairly chuffed with the outcome and as always comment and criticism welcome.


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15 responses

  1. Nice build Alistar. I assume you removed the chrome from the metal parts before refinishing. What method did you use to do that? Great recovery after your kitchen disaster!
    I agree that Gilles was a great driver with an amazing spirit. I was lucky to witness his Formula Atlantic career in Canada as well as his debut with Ferrari at the 1977 Canadian GP at Mosport.

  2. Hi Alistair!
    I love your Ferrari! Greatly built!
    Tamiya cars and bikes are so cool! Just bought a Suzuki Katana and cannot wait to build it!
    Love Gilles! He was dancing with the Ferrari. Been at high school when he left us; one of my sad days...
    Second behind Ayrton!
    Thanks for sharing your excellent build.
    Thanks for the memories!

    • Hi Spiros,
      Thanks for that.
      As for who he was second behind. There is only one man better and that was the incomparable Jim Clark.

      • Jim Clark was indeed an astonishing and truly incomparable driver, Alistair @alistairfgauld!

        I love him and have read about him a lot: he was multi talented with various types of car races.

        His performance at the 1962 German GP (after stalling at the start, being at front row and ending starting last), at such wet conditions will be unforgettable (among others too!).

        So, I have the deepest respect for your #1 Driver choice!

        Looking forward to see those Ebbro kits build!

        • Hi Spiros.
          It's probably an age thing. I can vividly remember the news coming in from Hockenheim of Clark's Death. He was a hero in Scotland. Still is for us oldies. For me his greatest race was Monza '67.
          The Lotus 49 and Tyrrell 002 and 003 will be on the go soon, I think.
          You may possibly see a pattern with the builds.


  3. Looks good Alistair, nicely patched up, well done.

  4. Great looking build!

  5. Great build and save, Alistair, looking forward to seeing your Ebbro kits built, they've picked some lovely cars to model. Gilles is definitely one of my all time great drivers, unfortunately I was at Zolder when he met his fate... Other greats on my list include Stirling Moss and Ronnie Peterson, both of whom failed to win the world championship.

    • Hi there,
      Thanks for that.
      I remember the news and film coming in from Zolder at the time. Only the second occasion that I have broken down on news like that.
      The Tyrrells and Lotus 49 will be on the go soon, I hope.
      Yes another driver I would like to build a car of is Ronnie Peterson.


  6. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    A very befitting tribute to Giles.
    Love that shiny finish, very nice work Alistair.

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