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The 1st marine fighter squadron arrived at the...

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The 1st marine fighter squadron arrived at the Northern front of Russia on 19.08.1918. At first, the squad had Newpors-17 and 24bis. The squadron's aircraft received female diminutive names. The aircraft were painted on the rudder and fuselages with identification signs with an anchor and wings, which became the hallmark of the 1st marine and air squadron. A number of photographs of such aircraft in 1919 have been preserved.

Plane Nieuport-10 "floret" (from Floret –"flower") chief of the 1st marine detachment Yakovitsky Na, which 19.08.19 he flew to the enemy Side:
Fighter Nieuport 24бис "kitty" head of the 1st marine estourado of Yakovitsky N. And. On the day of the shooting, in the evening 17.06.19, "kitty" was burned by incendiary bullets during an air RAID on the airfield:
Fighter Nieuport-25 "Mary", the pilot Melnikov N. With., 23 may 1919:
Fighter Recession-7 "Cat", August 1919. The model was assembled by Vlad Korolev:

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  1. I forgot to specify: this is 72 scale.

  2. Wow! They look like extremely well done 1/32s!
    Excellent job, Pavel!

  3. Great work! At first I too thought they were of larger scale, well done.

  4. Bluffed me to. I was sure they were much bigger. Well done.

  5. Great work on those tiny bi-planes, Pavel.
    Good you mentioned they are 1/72s.

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