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Amateur Russian Aviation

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Tupolev G-1, Aviaarktika, MikroMir 1: 72

The TB-1 is the world's first production all-metal twin-engine bomber. Free-bearing monoplane with a thick multi-spar wing, corrugated skin. The aircraft was developed in 9 months and built from kolchugaluminium in 1925. The red army air force w[...]

Airfix 1/72 Be-2c

The initial set - from the novelties of 2016 firm Airfix. On the box of the model are located, bribing with their elaborate detailing, the photo of the front of the aircraft (in particular the finned cylinders of the engine).  In fact: disappoi[...]

Grigorovich M-9, Combrig Models 1: 700

I built a fun model to replenish the Water Wings group build. The initial set of company "Combrig Models" contains two models one runner resin and a photo-etching board, instruction, decals not. Rigging is made of elastic yarn 0,048mm. For Russ[...]

Albatros W4 in the Red Army, Roden 1:72

The model is dedicated to the holiday on February 23 "Red Army Day", to replenish the Water Wings group build The picture shows the "Albatros W4» flying in the sky of Sevastopol in 1919. "Albatros W4» was a rare aircraft in the Red Army. These [...]

Polikarpov I-3 , SmallStuff 1:72

I-3, "the third fighter" - a Soviet single-seat fighter, "easy to maneuver." Bracing biplane of mixed wood-metal-linen designs with fixed landing gear 1928 release. Tests have shown that the new combat aircraft has a satisfactory performance. At[...]

Grigorovich M-9 1:72

I decided to show you my first model aircraft during World War I. This most numerous Russian seaplane construction was the most famous and brought well-deserved recognition DP Grigorovich as a designer. According to the purpose of M-9 was desig[...]

Lavochkin La-5 1/72

Set La-5 models 1/72 Prop & Jet drew his preparedness and beauty. Now I can add your opinion about the pros and cons of the set: Good that: Wing given one piece, greatly simplifies the life of the modeler, Beautiful study of surface texture[...]

Grigorovich M-20

Because I created a set Grigorovich M-5, which was written here it's time to make a model of Grigorovich M-20. Essentially boat M 20 - M is a modification of the boat-5, but with the engine Le Rhone. The rest of the visual differences on the li[...]

T-20 Komsomolets and gun 53-K 45mm 1:72

T-20 Komsomolets NorthStarModels and gun 53-K 45mm UM 1:72 Strictly from a boxed assemblage. He wanted to rest, gathering high-quality production Model T-20 Komsomolets. However, in the set it was more than a hundred components, some are not eve[...]

Nieuport 10 HRmodel 1:72

HRmodel previously released set Nieport-X resin. Purchased by me set of plastic, which is somewhat simplified assembly. Prototype - aircraft Nieuport 10 Dux factory 1st Naval Fighter Detachment, in August 1919. All aircrafts of the company offic[...]
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