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Schira DOW 3rd – PLUM 1/72

This is my first article on the site and wanted to start both with my latest finished model and an out-of-the-ordinary model.
For those not familiarized with it, it represents a fighter from the anime movie The Wings of Honneamise made by Gainax.
The model itself was a delight to build. It’s been many many years since I built a model where everything was perfect: the precision of the pieces, little and simple filling and sanding and the paint job went smooth.

On the topic of the painting, this kind of dark red was a difficult color to give some weathering, as I couldn’t think of many real-life plane as to where inspire for it. It had to represent an aged model but that receive some regular maintenance; so not-new and not over weathered.

Finally, decided to give it a normal gray primer as a base, then airbrushed the panel lines with white to give a basic contrast effect on the red paint. Then airbrushed the model with a dark red diluted 50% so to give it some transparency and applied chipping with a very fine brush. After sealing the base with some gloss varnish, marked the panel lines with a dark brown color and start to give some shadows on selected panels as to create a contrast. Then used a very light wash of gray on some panels and used yellow oleum paint to give some sun faded paint effect on top areas. Some very light streaks to finish and a matt coat to seal it all.

As an end note, I’m happy with result and hope you all like it.

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13 responses to Schira DOW 3rd – PLUM 1/72

  1. WOWOLA: What a wonderful strange-looking model.

  2. Very cool and welcome

  3. In the words of my generation “Far out!”

  4. Wow, Martin @valkyriepm ! What a fantastic looking result!
    You took an anime subject and you made it look real.
    Love your weathering!
    Congratulations and welcome aboard this amazing site!
    P.S. I saw that your profile pic is an amazingly built Olympic Airways Comet! You are the man!

  5. Welcome Martin and what a start.
    An amazing build of an unusual object.
    Paint and weathering is great.

  6. Welcome to iModeler Martin!
    I hope you keep on posting other unusual kits such as this one, it really stands out in all aspects. Thatโ€™s a great first post, congratulations

  7. Fantastic paint job and weathering – the effects came out very nice, especially for the unusual red color. Well done, and welcome aboard!

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