X-Wing and Y-Wing

November 14, 2020 · in Sci-fi · · 7 Comments

These two models are on complete opposite sides of the spectrum. The X-wing is a late 80’s early 90’s era model, with not the greatest fitting parts. The Y-wing is a Bandai, basically the Ferrari of model companies.

The X-Wing was fun to build, it was more painting than actually building. I took one look at the decal sheet and decided to just paint all the markings. Based off of Red-5 piloted by Luke Skywalker.

The splotchy pattern on the markings was done with a liquid mask just dabbed on. I used it on a Slave-I model that I’ll post soon. The liquid mask is the easiest thing to use, just dab it on dry paint over it and remove with water, almost like cheating it’s so slick.

The Y-wing was your classic Bandai model everything fit perfectly. I tried a new technique for painting engines. The blue-gold-black gradient. I was nervous at first but it’s just layers with and airbrush nothing to difficult. I’ve learned that most effects with modeling is often an easy trick. Also the sheer small scale of the Y-wing made it easy to get away with some sloppiness. Now I’ll just let the pictures speak.

10 additional images. Click to enlarge.

7 responses

  1. I have absolutely no experience of Scifi models, but, man those two models are really amazing!
    Ton of details and meticulous work!
    Loved the engine exhausts painting technique.
    Well done, Carson!

  2. I will 2nd,(second) what Spiros wrote above. The quality of your models are very good. The photo's are A-#1. The use of the green paper-clip shows size relationship. I use those big paper clips all the time so it give me extra help in guessing the size.
    Thanks for sharing your fantastic model.

  3. Great finish on these

  4. I agree completely with @fiveten and @f2g1d - very nice work on these. Even moreso the Y-wing for its size.

  5. The kid is better at this stuff than the old man. I couldn't even see close enough to spray those exhausts on that Y-wing. Great work Carson!

  6. Great job on both!

  7. Looks great! Keep 'em coming...

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