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HMS Exeter… circa Dec 1939 (1/350 Trumpeter).

December 23, 2020 · in Ships · 13 · 5.4K

After more 5 months, +800 parts, and 200 hours of work finished the Exeter, nice model... Many improvements added…Plastruct styrene sheet, Rod, strip, Generic PE from Big BlueBoy Models in railings, Flyhawk vertical and inclined ladders, Watertight Doors, lifebuoy from dream models, Brass pipe 0,3mm, 0,4mm, 0,5mm, 0.8mm improvements…stairs and handrails from flyhawk, ,wooden deck from chuanyu model.., metallic anchor chains…, decals from gold medal models,..barrels from chuanyu models, weathering from Tamiya set B, invisible thread .004 mm nylon. Tamiya, Model master and Humbrol Enamels Paints…satin lacquer From Rust-Oleum.

reference: HMS Exeter Heavy Cruiser 1929-1941. Warship Profile Series No. 13..and Profile Morskie No.111 HMS Exeter Part 1 (1939).

Thanks for watching.

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  1. This is truly excellent work, Anthony!
    You packed in a single paragraph all this info of the build, I kept on reading and reading in amazement.
    The finished model looks perfect to my non-ship expertise eyes. Attention to detail is among the best I've seen.
    Congratulations on this long, not easy and full of "extras" build!

  2. Beautiful work.

    Just watched "The Battle of the River Plate" recently. Well worth finding and watching. Real ships fighting the way ships fought (including the real HMNZS Achilles).

    Sadly, Exeter was sunk in only 100 fathoms in the Sunda Strait in February 1942. Indonesian pirates completely deconstructed the ship, tearing her apart for scrap because the steel is "pre-nuclear" (it doesn't have properties post-1945 steel does), despite the ship being a war grave, after her discovery was revealed in 2003. This is why they do not reveal the locations of these wrecks when they are found now.

    • Thank you for your words Tom... and how unfortunate what happened to the ship ...

    • Hi Tom.
      I’m not sure what pre-Nuclear steel properties are. Can you fill us in on this ?
      My brother is one of the few divers that was allowed to dive on the Royal Oak in Scapa-flow , together with Royal Navy divers , that proved that it was a U-boot that sank her. This by way of having found the butt end of the Torpedo which eliminated all doubt As to what had happened.
      Sad that there is no respect for seaman’s graves. Try doing this on one of their sacred sites.

  3. Looks good Anthony, well done.

  4. Hello Anthony,
    As mentioned above: "For ever connected to the battle on the River Plate"
    Excellent construction and paint job.
    Regards, Dirk

  5. Ships , ships, ships. This one sets a golden standard on what it should look like.
    Nice work.

  6. Simply ...a beautiful model
    Regards Djordje

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