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I am a publicist with a postgraduate in business administration and international marketing.

I like playing guitar, photography, doing sports activities and practicing martial arts, but my passion and hobby is to build scale models, mainly ships the Second World War, although in the last time, I have also dedicated myself to models of planes, science fiction, cars and submarines.

I started this hobby more than 25 years ago.

I hope you like some of the models that I have post in this place.


USS Lexington CV-2 1942 (1/350 Trumpeter)

USS Lexington CV-2 1942 (1/350 Trumpeter) After more than 6 months, +1500 parts and 280 hours of work, I finished the USS Lexington, a restored and renovated model. Added many improvements… Styrene plastruct sheet, rod, strip, generic [...]

USS ENTERPRISE NCC-1701, Star Trek Strange New Worlds version 1/2500 polar light.

USS Enterprise "strange new worlds", last job 2022, very nice kit, easy construction, excellent decals with aztek pattern,... metallic aluminum paint, clear red, clear blue, clear green, White, gold leaf, gunship gray...18 cm [...]

Razor Crest: "The Mandalorian" From Star Wars, 1/240(approx) Bandai

Razor crest, ship from the Mandalorian series, a small model, but full of details, very good fit, only 2 days work... metallic chrome rust-oleum paint, clear blue from Tamiya, clear red from Humbrol, satin black from model master , [...]


Porsche Spyder 918 1/24 revell...very good model...jumpwind extra metal titanium gold paint, modified wheels, polishing compound tamiya fine...3 weeks of work...approximately 30 hours. Thanks for watching.

FGS Hessen F-221 German Frigate, (1/350 Takom)

After more 3 months, +390 parts and 130 hours work,..finished Sachsen class Frigate, very nice model. Added many improvements and modification, hangar fully scratch,..plastruct styrene sheet, rod,strip, generic PE from Trumpeter set master [...]

CNS Aircraft Carrier Destroyer CVD-01 Capitan Prat "What If" (1/350, Heller-kitbashing-Scratch)

After more than 7 months, +750 parts and 280 hours work, finished Aircraft Carrier Capitan Prat, completely imaginary model, from an idea that occurred in the late 60s in Chile, when they thought of having an aircraft carrier but was [...]

Knight Rider KITT, 1/24 Aoshima.

knight rider KITT, 1/24 Aoshima modified from the first season to the second season, electronic led scanner, painted with tamiya lacquers, model master enamels and humbrol clear paints, modified suspension. 30 hours of work in 2 weeks ... [...]

F-15E Strike Eagle Revell 1/48 dio…getting ready to take off .

After more than 3 1/2 months and about 120 hours of work, I finished the F-15E, it has many improvements, rod and plastruct styrene sheet; Hasegawa bomb and targeting pod set D, Hasegawa US Ground crew set, scratch tool boxes ... [...]

F-15E Strike Eagle Revell 1/48 in progress… part 5.

the ground crew, OK the generator set, ok hydaulic test stand... ready. fire extinguisher..OK tool box..OK wheel chock..OK(they do not appear in the photo, but they are ready. ) what’s next? .. wheathering...and display base...show the [...]

F-15E Strike Eagle Revell 1/48 in progress… part 4.

satin varnished, check Pilots, ok (I had to cut off their legs to get them in right, sorry). sealed cockpit and landing lights ready. signal lights, ok. weathering completed ... in short the plane is ready. what's next? .. start with the [...]