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RIP Dave Schemel

December 3, 2020 · in News · · 14 · 2.1K

Sad to learn that Dave Schemel passed on December 1, from complications of Covid-19. I'd lost track of him, then we re-established contact last year, but I hadn't heard anything from him since last summer. Great guy, great modeler, a serious loss to the hobby.

Some of you may have known Dave as the owner and creator of Just Plane Stuff, which did great resin bases (I have a full set) as well as some interesting conversions, including a resin wing to convert the -4 to an F4F-3, which I did back going on 20 years ago - and put a photo of it up here for his memory.

WEAR THE DAMN MASK! This isn't a hoax. it's Evolution's IQ test: Are you intelligent enough to take the information and modify your behavior to maximize your opportunity of survival?

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  1. RIP to your good friend and fellow modeler, Tom.

  2. News like this is always sad. Wearing a mask isn't just for your own protection, it's for everyone's protection.

    • As I say to the those IQ test failers running around with their mask below their nose, covering your mouth protects me from you, while covering your nose (the bug's super highway) protects you from me. How hard is that?

  3. Sad news, may he rest in peace.
    Wishing his family and friends a lot of strength.

  4. Sad news Tom. Sorry to hear, may Dave rest in peace.
    Agree with the mask - help protect others.

  5. Sorry to hear this. I'm considering Covid as Darwin's way of thinning the herd. A whole bunch of candidates for this years "Darwin Award"...

  6. What a sad loss! And thank you for calling out the Covidiots who don’t believe this is real.

  7. Sorry to hear this, been a big fan of Just Plane Stuff. Being the sole bread winner of the family and having my first grandchild, I am very hesitant of social gatherings. Have had to disappoint a few friend's and family. Just not worth the risk.

    • Well, as I keep telling myself (easy to do, being my medical provider's "most boring patient," a great status to hold), "Tomorrow IS another day!" Actually, gotta modify Scarlett's line to "Next year IS another year!"

  8. Very sad news. Every time I go to the LHS and see another big batch of older models up on consignment, I think of all the joy they brought to a modeler who no longer walks among us. RIP Mr.Schemel, see you in the halls of the heavenly model shop.

    Thanks for calling out the Covidiots, Tom, who have made this zoonotic nasty ness worse!

  9. Sad news indeed. Wear the mask and stay away from i****s. I have survived lung cancer but I doubt I would survive Covid due to what I have already inflicted on my lungs. Take care all of you.

  10. Don't forget social distancing. Six feet is a good start. Thoughts and prayers to Dave and his family.

  11. Sorry for the lost of your friend. RIP

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