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Eduard 2021 releases

January 7, 2021 · in News · · 8 · 3.1K

That Tempest II in July is nice. Hopefully the S.199 will be in 1/48 first. 4-cannon Fw-190A-5 is also interesting, as is the Spitfire V in the fall. I like the Fw-190F-8.

Doing 109Es with the Special Hobby kit is great - that is absolutely the best 109E in 1/72.

All the kits announced thus far, of course several old Weekend edition kits will also be brought to the new standard (decals for 4 marking options) etc.

8208 Bf 110G-4 - 1/48 Profipack (re-release with add-on parts)
2133 Fokker Fokker! - 1/72 Dual Combo Limited Edition
84169 Bf 109G-6/AS - 1/48 Weekend Edition
84172 P-51D-5 - 1/48 Weekend Edition
4469 P-47D Razorback - 1/144 (Platz plastic)

82153 Spitfire Mk.IIa - 1/48 Profipack
11147 Kampfstift Dornier Do 17Z - 1/48 Limited Edition (ICM plastic)
7404 Nieuport Ni-17 - 1/72 Weekend Edition

Du doch nicht! Fokker D.VIII + Dr.I – 1/72 Limited Edition

Adlerangriff Bf 109E - 1/72 Limited Edition (Special Hobby plastic)

Silver Arrows MiG-21PF/PFM – 1/72 Limited Edition

Desert Babes Tornado Gr.I in the Gulf War – 1/72 Limited Edition (plastic ?)

Tempest Mk.II – 1/48 Profipack
Zurich 1937 Bf 109V14 + Avia B.534 – 1/72 Limited Edition (Bf 109 Special Hobby plastic)
Wilde Sau Episode 2 Bf 109G-14/AS and G-10 – 1/48 Limited Edition

Eagle’s Call Spitfire Mk.V – 1/48 Limited Edition
B-25J Mitchell – 1/72 Limited Edition (Hasegawa plastic)
P-51D Mustang – 1/48 Limited Edition

Fw 190F-8 – 1/48 Profipack
Biggles & Co Sopwith Camel – 1/48 Limited Edition
Hawker Hurricane Mk.I Battle of Britain – 1/72 Limited Edition (Arma Hobby plastic)
Mi-24 Hind – 1/48 Limited Edition (Zvezda plastic)
Zlin Z-126 and Z-226 – 1/48 Limited Edition
Zlin Z-526AFS – 1/48 Profipack
Zlin Z-326/Z-526 – 1/48 Limited Edition
Spitfire Story 3 The Sweeps Spitfire Mk.Va & Vb – 1/48 Limited Edition

Secret item
Sopwith Camel – 1/48 Profipack
Avia S-199 – 1/48 or 1/72 Profipack (which scale comes first is still to be decided)
Tornado IDS - 1/48 Limited Edition (plastic ?)

First half of the year:
Fw 190 A-5 w/ four cannon - 1/48 Profipack
Spitfire Mk.I (early version) - 1/48 Profipack
Mustang Mk.IV - 1/48 Profipack

Second half of the year:
84130 MiG-21bis - 1/48 Weekend Edition
Bf 109Es before Battle of Britain - 1/72 Limited Edition (Special Hobby plastic)
Bf 109E different variants - 1/72 Profipacks (Special Hobby plastic)

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  1. Few that I will likely grab, but some good options considering their recent incident. Great to see!

  2. I seem to recall they had announced a Halberstadt B.II a long long time ago. I miss those days...

  3. Don’t want to sound pretentious but this year's new kits are ok but not terribly exciting, it was hard to compete with their 2020 catalogue to be fair.
    To me the highlight is, at last, the declination of the F variant of the 190. Their pt.3 of the Spitfire will be a best seller no doubt. Just hope the increased value offered in the revamped “weekend” boxes won’t increase their price significantly, that would mean an increase on the price tag of the Profipack editions also

  4. Best thing of all is that they are in business after their mishap!

  5. Tempest II! In 1/48!
    I remember emailing Eduard about this in 2016. They (optimistically) said end of 2017... early 2018. Three years late, but better than never.

  6. A while back saw a rumor that Eduard was going to release a modern P-36 Hawk. Has there been any word from Eduard on that?

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