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Mirage F.1CG Walkaround

February 13, 2021 · in Photo Collections · · 20 · 2.8K

Hi everyone!

Here are a few mostly close-up shots of two HAF F.1CGs.

The HAF Mirage F.1CGs equipped the 342 and 334 All Weather Squadrons. A peculiarity of the HAF F.1CG was that they used the American Sidewinder air-to-air missile. They were painted in Aegean Blue, with the lower surfaces aluminum. The Mirage F.1 aircraft were withdrawn in 2003.

The first batch of shots is from s/n 123, that has been freshly repainted and restored in static condition, in order to be exhibited as a static display.

The second batch is from s/n 140, that had been restored as a static display some 15 years ago, the effect of time is more than evident! Still, the second batch is of more interest to modelers, as the paints used for it were the original "Aegean Blue" for the Mirage F.1.

Kind of a "bonus" pic is this beautiful commemorative 334SQ scheme "ΤΑΛΩΣ " (Talos). Talos was a giant bronze man who guarded the island of Crete by throwing stones at the ships of unwanted visitors. This scheme never flew, though:

Hope you like them! (slowly uploading...)

Happy modeling!

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  1. @fiveten
    Spiros, this is a great walk around addition to everyone interested in building the Mirage. However there are a lot of pics unloaded as to this moment

  2. Thanks a lot for sharing those my friend Spiros, @fiveten
    They still look in pretty good shape.
    Nice detail, "keep off" and shoe-marks in one picture.

  3. Spiros, @fiveten
    These are some incredible pictures. They will be of great help to anyone that is building up one of these planes. Thank you for doing this for us.

    I definitely pressed the "liked" button. 🙂

  4. These are some really interesting photos, Spiros (@fiveten). One camo looks fresh from the paint shop, and one looks like it has been a static display for a while. Great contrast. Like John, I also like the photo of the "Keep Off" warning covered with boot prints. :o)

  5. Really great! The HAF had a very good taste for airplanes! Thanks for posting my friend!

  6. Thanks for sharing these photos. I've always liked the Aegean blue/aluminum paint scheme. it's also easier to replicate on a kit.

  7. Great pic's Spiros, thanks for posting, keep off !

  8. Arguably one of the finest aircraft from the Dassault stable. The South African Air Force took the F1AZ and F1CZ to war against communist forces of Angolan MPLA and Cubans during the 1980's. Aerial victories were achieved against Mig 21's flown by Angolan and Cuban pilots. Thanks for the great photos my friend!

    • A very fine aircraft indeed, @mornem!

      It practically bore the brunt of the air interception for the HAF back in the "very active" 80s, and it performed amazingly.

      It is such a beautiful plane, as well! Rumor has it that Marcel Dassault "demanded" his aircraft to look nice'n'slick. He was supposed to believe that, a good plane has to be beautiful too...

      He had a point, indeed!

      SAAF F.1s sported really amazing schemes!

      Thanks for liking the pics, my friend!

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    said on March 29, 2021

    wow very cool pics

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