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My addiction to aviation started in November 1966: I was just 3 months old, when my Dad - then an Officer at Hellenic Air Force - and my Mom decided to put me in a C-47 for one of the marvelous short flights offered free to the public during the annual celebration of the Hellenic Air Force. Was in my straw porte-bébé, simply laid on the C-47 floor, no seat belts whatsoever, as no one wore and, yes, those were the days!

Since then I’ve been addicted to anything that flies, with a preference to military airplanes (my career in the Hellenic Air Force and a flight offered to me with a Mirage 2000 only boosted this addiction).

I started modeling at about the age of 9, when my Dad brought me an 1/72 F-5A, sealed in a plastic bag, molded in lovely black styrene, its twin exhausts immediately catching my eye: modeling became a love affair ever since. Had two long breaks from my beloved hobby, being active – hopefully for good - since 2018.

I have two wonderful boys who consume most of my "free" time; still I try to find a couple of hours every day or so, to sink in my modeling paradise. I mostly build out of the box with the occasional scratch building and just have fun building my models! I am generally no contest minded, but I love group builds!

In love with motorbikes, passionate with Pink Floyd and rock music, in love and passionate with life in general. I love seeing people smiling and do whatever I can to achieve this.

Addicted to reading from modeling sites (especially the wonderful Modelingmadness) and feeling grateful to be a member of iModeler! This is such a fantastic site, with all these amazing modelers and their beautiful work I admire – a constant temptation for me!

Pro Modeler 1/48 He 111H-22

Due to the restrictions placed on Germany after WWI, which prohibited, among others, the maintaining of an air force, Siegfried and Walter Günter at Heinkel Flugzeugwerke designed the He 111 in 1934, essentially a bomber presented solely [...]

Eduard 1/48 Bf 109E-1

The German invasion of The Netherlands was part of “Fall Gelb”, the Nazi German invasion of the Low Countries and France during World War II. The invasion of the Netherlands saw some of the earliest mass paratroop drops to occupy [...]

Eduard 1/72 F6F-3

VF-27 was first established as VGF-27 at NAS Norfolk, VA in April 1942. Redesignated as VF-27 in March 1943 and initially equipped with F4F-4 Wildcats, it was a busy squadron, taking part in many operations. In early 1944 it was [...]

Spitfire LF Mk IXc MJ755 Walkaround

MJ755 was built at the Castle Bromwich factory and first delivered to 43 Squadron RAF in August 1944, which was operating over Southern France. In 1947 it was transferred to the Royal Hellenic Air Force, as part of a batch of 120 [...]

Hobby Boss 1/72 MiG-15 UTI

Following the 14 July 1958 Revolution, which resulted in the end of monarchy in Iraq, the influence of the Iraqi Communist Party grew significantly. The first commander of the now Iraqi Air Force (the "Royal" prefix was dropped [...]

AZ 1/72 D4Y3 Suisei

The origins of the D4Y can be traced back to 1938, when the Imperial Japanese Navy Aviation Bureau (Kaigun Kōkū Hombu) issued requirements for a carrier-based dive bomber to replace the Aichi D3A. The emerging aircraft would be a [...]

PM 1/72 Fokker D.XXI

The origins of the D.XXI can be traced back to the end of 1934, when Fokker submitted design proposals to the Nederlandse Luchtvaartafdeling (Dutch Army Aviation Group) for a low-wing monoplane fighter that would feature an entirely [...]

Trumpeter 1/32 Allison V-1710

Allison, a Division of General Motors, began developing the ethylene glycol-cooled V-1710 in 1929, in order to meet a USAAC need for a modern 1,000 hp (750 kW) engine to fit into a new generation of streamlined bombers and fighters. The [...]

Speak my name and I shall live forever: Jim Sullivan Memorial

Designed as a successor to the F4F Wildcat, the Hellcat’s origins can be traced back in 1938, with the contract for the prototype XF6F-1 signed on 30 June 1941. Instead of the Wildcat's narrow-track, hand-cranked, main landing gear [...]

Revell 1/48 A-26B Invader

The Douglas A-26 was in essence the company’s successor to the A-20, first flying in prototype form on 10 July 1942 at Mines Field, El Segundo, with test pilot Benny Howard at the controls. Featuring an innovative NACA laminar-flow [...]