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My addiction to aviation started in November 1966. I was just 3 months old, when my dad – then an Officer at Hellenic Air Force – and my mom decided to put me in a C-47 for one of the marvellous short flights offered free to the public during the annual celebration of the Hellenic Air Force. Since then I’ve been addicted to anything that flies, with a preference to military airplanes (my still active – but soon finishing – career as Colonel Aeronautical Engineer in Hellenic Air Force and a flight offered to me with a Mirage 2000 – a test flight with “clean” aircraft, reaching Mach 1.6 and 53,000 ft – only boosted this addiction). I started modeling at about the age of 9, when my dad brought me an 1/72 F-5 sealed in a plastic bag and it was a love affair ever since. Had two long breaks from my beloved hobby, being active – hopefully for good – the last three years. I have two very young wonderful boys, who consume most of my “free” time; still I try to find a couple of hours every day or so to sink in my modeling paradise. I am less than mediocre modeler; I just have fun building my models. I mostly build out of the box with a little scratchbuilding. In love with motorbikes, passionate with Pink Floyd and rock music, in love and passionate with life in general. I love seeing people smiling and do whatever I can to achive this. Addicted to reading from modeling sites (especially from the wonderful Modelingmadness, but also Cybermodeler, Hyperscale, Internet Modeler….the list goes on) and feeling grateful to be a member of iModeler! This is such a fantastic site, with all these amazing guys and their beautiful work I admire – an elusive goal for me!

Fonderie-Miniature 1/48 SE.2415 Grognard II

Hi everyone! This is my Fonderie Miniature 1/48 SE 2415 Grogard II, built in 2003. The Grognard was designed by SNCASE as a single-seat, low-level ground-attack aircraft. Although in development in the 1950s for the French Armée de l'Air, the [...]

Testors 1/48 OV-10A Bronco Workbench update

UPDATE 22/3/2020 Hello my friends, I can see things are really tough for poor Italy, Spain and others gradually not looking too good as well. Here in Greece things start to escalate in a bad way, we will see how it goes. Hoping for the best, bel[...]

Mach2 1/72 Do-26 “Seefalke” Luftwaffe

Hi everyone! This is my Mach2 1/72 Do-26 that I did more than decade ago. It is a fantastic looking flying boat. Only 6 were built. The Mach2 kit took some effort to put together with ever ending sanding and filling sessions. But it was done! It[...]

Heller 1/72 F-84G Thunderjet Hellenic Air Force

Hi everyone! Here is my latest quick build of the 1/72 Thunderjet Heller kit. It was the first jet the Hellenic Air force was equipped with. The Heller kit, though a bit old, is a nice and very sweet little kit. I rushed to make the model in ju[...]