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A WW1 site you must visit

March 5, 2021 · in News · 10 · 1.3K

Mike "Sandbagger" Norris is one of the best WW1 modelers out there. His models are stunning. And the 100+ page PDF build logs are textbooks in their own right - and are downloadable. I just added all of them to my library and will put the knowledge to use with my work.

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  1. Wow, this site is truly AMAZING, @tcinla!
    "Sandbagger" rocks!
    Thanks for sharing this.

  2. This is simply amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wonderful site with some amazing builds.
    Thanks for letting us know.

  4. Excellent site and resource

  5. Absolutely brilliant. What a talent! Thanks for sharing this valuable resource. Now I'll never build any of my WNW kits... 😀

    • No, you download the PDFs and learn from them and then you build them.

      • I know. I've downloaded them all. The WNW kits intimidate me OOB (which didn't stop me from spending a small fortune on them.), this just makes it seem more daunting. I'll try one someday. Maybe.

        • James: WNW kits are made (by command of Sir Peter) for the "less talented modelers" of which he counts himself a leading example. They can be made at any skill level one brings to the project. MODELS DO NOT HAVE TO BE PERFECT! When you hold the attitude that you can only accept your work if SOMEONE ELSE values it, you will never get anywhere with anything. I speak from experience. When you do it for YOURSELF, others will come to it and see it for what it is. Besides all that, people don't poke fun and point at "less stellar" models here, in case you hadn't noticed.

          Follow the Al Superczynski Rule: Build YOUR MODEL the way YOU WANT TO and above all HAVE FUN.

          Living in the opinions of others is no fun. I also speak from experience about that.

          The above is not said to put you or anyone else down, but rather to give you the keys to the prison door.

  6. Thanks for the info Tom and stressing the fun factor of making models above all.
    The WW1 Birds are some of my favorites bit beyond my skill level for now.
    The HP/0400 beckons me, some day...

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