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Mitsubishi Ki-15 “Kamikaze” from Arii – 1:72

September 24, 2015 · in Uncategorized · · 16 · 3.4K

Yes, a but this time in a peaceful way 🙂 I found this in my "shelf of doom" and I decided to finish it already after several yers 🙂 As I started it long-long time ago and apparently have some faults I've done this in a "shelf quality" build manner not for any "competition level" :D. Beautiful little kit anyway If I started again I would take more effort into it but so far so good...

The type is well known I thing and this particular machine is interesting those who love the "" era of the aviation history. As Wiki says: "Despite the relatively weak engine and fixed undercarriage, the Ki-15 was remarkably fast. During the initial flight testing, the Asahi newspaper Asahi Shimbun obtained permission to purchase the second prototype. The aircraft was given the designation Karigane (Wild Goose), flying on 19 March 1937,[3] being named Kamikaze and registered as J-BAAI. It was the first Japanese-built airplane to fly to Europe and caused a sensation in 1937 by making the flight between Tokyo and London, for the coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, between 6 April 1937 and 9 April 1937 in a flight time of 51 hours, 17 minutes and 23 seconds, a world record at the time[4] Following the success of the Japan-England flight, a small number of Ki-15s were sold to civil customers. One of the early production aircraft was named "Asakaze" (J-BAAL) and was also used by the "Asahi Shimbun"; others were used by various civilian operators as mail planes."

These two machine are the subject ot this Arii kit which is a reissue of the original Mania kit from the 70's and despite of it's age the surface detail and buildability is outsatnding. The kit is reissued several times, now under Hasegawa label and quite expensive hovewer Hase put two kits into the box. If You like this era and find one such kit on a meeting or on the net give it a try won't regret. 🙂

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  1. Refreshing to see a "civilian" livery...nice work.

  2. Good looking and unusual subject, and as always great work!

  3. Thank You! It was quite relaxing too. I didn't bothered myself with weathering or any other stuff. Looks good among my other civil/racer planes on the shelf and I proud enough that I have one less unfinished model in my half-made stash :DDDD

  4. What's not to like?!

    • Back than this was the first model I tried Alclad on. Well as they say the distance suits her 😉 beside this the decals were very old and Unfortunately, this shows up in them.

  5. Something old in a beautiful dress.

    In my youth I build one but it is already doing in the eternal hunting grounds.

    NICE build decals are only visible teased see the edge and a little silvering.

    Like JAPS


  6. Great work! I always liked that kit. I think it was the first model I ever built that had recessed panel lines(1973-74?). Thanks for sharing.

  7. Gabor, Mania was ahead of its time. Hasegawa took over the molds, and reissues them from time to time, Sonia, Kamikaze/Babs, Kate, and the Lily twin engine light bomber in 72nd, and Nate, -4 Corsair in 48th. May be others.

    Good to see one, again, so nicely done.

    Be nice if somebody would do some replacement decals, for this and the civilian Nell from LS, also a record breaker. Would make a striking theme collection, record breakers from the 30s, Airfix DH twin, Frog Gypsy Moth and Lady Southern Cross and Himalaya Wallace.All in 72nd.

    • Yes these kits You mentioned are in my stash now. Just need some time (and the need) to build them. One of my title on my modeling bucket list is to build the Macrobertson entries and make a modul system diorama for them. Now I have the three comets and the QED (from strach) finished and as the years are passed I acquired a Fairey Fox (Pegasus), Miles Magister (under converting to M.2), DH.89 Dragon Rapide (from Heller), a DC-2 (Special Hobby), Boeing-247 (Williams Bros), Pander S-4 Postjager (Contrail but someone is making a resin version now as I heard), Bellanca 251 Irish Swoop (under scrachbuilding) and a Monocoupe (Planet). 🙂 So much kit and so little time...

      • Gabor, please post them, that was such a time for innovation. The Pennsylvania Railroad had a calendar that showed a Ford Trimotor flying over one of their transcontinental trains. The title said it all, "Conquerers of time and distance". Good name for a collection of 20s-30s record breaking aircraft. And the color schemes were eye catching, as well.

  8. Thank you for sharing this. You have done a marvelous job on a unique and interesting subject. I was aware of the "Kamikaze" flight in the 30's to England and that it was a big public relations score for the Japanese but knew nothing about the aircraft used until your post. - I admire your model and appreciate being a bit better informed too -

  9. Thank You All! The color of the aircraft often discussed - they say that it was probably pale gray and blue as contemporary japanase aircraft but there is a factory model (made right after the succesful record flight) which still exists and that is silver/blue. I think this combination is much more eye cacthing.

  10. Thanks for sharing this, very interesting model and history.

  11. Thanks George! 🙂

  12. Excellent build, a beautiful plane with a great paint job !

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